Japan's unique packaging technology

Japan's Nippon Cashide Corporation introduced a polyolefin-based stretch wrap film product for food packaging. This highSNewCheasWeap product is a multilayer film for foods. It is a multi-layer film composed of a number of olefin resins, including polyethylene, which is 30% lighter than traditional products and is easy to incinerate. Its width is 250-500mm.
Recently, a Japanese company developed an ultra-thin pure iron foil suitable for a packaged semiconductor device. It is a pure iron film with iron content of 99.9% or more, which is equivalent to 3 times the strength of hard aluminum foil, and 6 times that of soft aluminum foil. It has good moisture resistance and it is easy to apply adhesive and coating on it. The ultra-thin pure iron foil is only 20 microns thick and has a width of up to 1.2 meters.

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