The role of outlets

If you look at the printed matter with a magnifying glass, you will find that the color and black-and-white images are made up of many ideas. The shallower the picture is, the smaller the point is, the more darker the point is, the more it is even in the field. This is the network or network cable that the printing industry says.

Why do you want to use dot screens for print images? This is because at the time of printing, the image on the printing plate is on a plane. The ink roller of the printing press conveys a thick and even layer of ink to the printing plate. The image of the printing cannot be used like the painting and the amount of ink is used. It is impossible to print dark areas of the image. It is impossible to have a large amount of ink when the dark part of India is printed. When the ink is printed, the amount of ink is automatically reduced. Therefore, the image must be decomposed into different sizes. Although these ideas are the same in density, the size of the ideas is not the same. In this way, the printed image can be printed with a layer of dot-shaped ink layer with the same thickness but different area. After the color images of several printing plates are overlaid and printed, the color and the level and outline of the image can be expressed.

In addition, when observing different prints, it can also be seen that the shape of the dot and the dot angle of each color are also different. The shape of the dot is square, diamond, circle, ellipse, line, chain, etc., and can be selected according to needs. The dots are usually divided into 0, 15, 45, and 75 degrees, which are used for yellow, magenta, cyan, and black in four-color plate printing. In this way, the dots of various colors can occupy the space evenly to prevent moiré and give full play to the combination of colors. Thus, the color gradation of the image is abundantly reflected.

In the prepress work, make full use of the role of good outlets, according to the prints, the appropriate adjustment of the shape of the outlets, the angle, density of various outlets, will undoubtedly provide a reliable guarantee for the printing of high quality printed matter.


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