Walking method

First, walk at the same speed

The key to avoiding fatigue for a long period of time is to step down and walk at the same pace and pace. The most common causes of fatigue are: striding across the ground and speeding up to walk. This destroys the rhythm of regularity. If we walk for a long time, don’t hurry.

Second, go uphill, take a small trip

If you walk uphill, if you take a big walk, your body will shake right and left, losing balance. Therefore, on the upslope, the pace should be reduced and the progress should be made solidly. If the slope of the uphill slope is steep, it is best to walk alternately from left to right.

Third, pay special attention to downhill

Downhill is generally easy to feel, but if you break the rhythm of the original walk, it is easy to fall injured. In particular, you must not run and jump again, you are vulnerable to injury, and you will kick stones to others. Sophisticated people always walk slowly downhill and tie their laces tightly so that the toes do not hit the top of the shoe and hurt their tips.

IV. When the group walks

When the group walks, everyone walks differently. Some people are quick and some are slow. To prevent accidents, the group speed should not be too fast. You may wish to take a leisurely walk while enjoying the surrounding scenery. Leaders should pay attention to the speed of the front and rear teams.

V. Suspension bridge

Suspension bridges are easy to shake, preferably one by one. If you see the river under the bridge, try to shift your gaze to the front 100 meters bridge and do not change the speed of walking.

Sixth, over the single-plank bridge

When crossing a single-plank bridge, the pace straddles the same shoulder width and walks outside. The eyes look one meter ahead and step on the bridge firmly and quickly. Instead of going slowly, it's better to take a little acceleration and keep balance quickly.

Seventh, crossing the river

When you encounter rivers shallower than your knees, you can roll up your trousers in the summer and spend slowly. Avoid barefoot and do not take off your shoes more safely. When stones are available in the river, dry and wet stones are easy to slip. And make sure the stone is not easy to shake and then move the center of gravity. Some rocks are easy to shake and can cause fracture accidents. When encountering the river, do not risk crossing the river, consider detours, or other methods.

Eight, proper rest

There is no clear rule, how long the road should take to rest. Walk about 50 minutes on the ground and rest for 10 minutes. Walk 30 minutes on the slope and rest for 10 minutes. If you take a long break and your body is just moving, it will become dull. In places of rest, you do not have to sit directly on the ground. You can sit on a stone chair and the blood does not completely fall to your hips. During breaks and before departure, do some slight flexion and extension exercises to help the body move.

Mountaineering Information

"In addition to the footprints, nothing is left; except photography, nothing is taken."

General players must avoid exceeding the guides leading the way while marching, and avoid falling behind the leader of the last pawn.

Unless absolutely necessary (such as getting lost), plastic mountaineering signs should be discontinued. This will reduce environmental pollution and give future generations a clean nature.

The location of the excretion should be avoided near the water or water source, four weeks around the camp, away from the camp and choosing a hidden shelter. If there are more people or camps that are frequently used, a fixed outdoor toilet can be used. After finishing the matter, it is best to use soil to bury it. When evacuating from the camp, pay attention to restoring the original appearance before camping.

When you live in straw tents that are set up by your fellow townspeople, you should maintain its cleanliness. Before leaving, do not leave extra food in the shed to prevent rodents from becoming ill and not create more garbage.

Point to the fire and note that choosing a place that will not spread the fire, do not under the tree, in case the flames are too high in winter, burn the branches and leaves to cause a mountain fire, it is better to extinguish the campfire before going to bed to ensure that the fire is over. Do not sleep until it is extinguished.

When you are in the mountains, you need to put the garbage together so that you can take them together when you go downhill, or you can dig a small pit and burn it on the spot and then bury it with soil.

Three Legs

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