How to prevent and treat heat stroke

When mountain climbing is carried out in the hot and windless mountainous areas in summer, the body heats up because the body cannot control the body temperature by sweat evaporation.

The main symptoms of heat stroke are: headache, dizziness, irritability, strong pulse and strong, breathing noise, body temperature may rise above 40 °C, dry and red skin. If you do not cure in time, people with heat stroke may soon lose consciousness, and the degree is deep, which may lead to accidents.

Therefore, be sure to prepare for the prevention and treatment of heat stroke before the summer mountain climbing, such as: ten drops of water, cool oil, Ren Dan and so on. In addition, some refreshing drinks and sun protection equipment such as sunglasses and sun hats should also be prepared.

Once someone has a heat stroke, they should be moved to a cool, ventilated place as quickly as possible, soak their clothes in cold water, wrap their bodies, and keep them wet. Or fan cooling and wipe the patient with a cold towel until the body temperature drops below 38°C. Heat-swept people are conscious and should rest half of their seats and support their head and shoulders.

If the heat-stroker has lost consciousness, he should be allowed to lie flat.

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