Chinese Mountaineer Conquer Everest 11 times

Today 40 years ago, Wang Fuzhou, Gongbu and Qu Yinhua won the Mount Everest victory. They compose the historical poems of the Chinese people for the first time to conquer the “Earth of the Earth” Everest. Their victory inspired hundreds of millions of people to overcome natural disasters and build socialism with confidence and enthusiasm.

79 years ago, the British, Howwood Brey, led a mountaineering team and began the first ever Everest climb in China. In the following years, the British challenged occupiers and killed more than 10 people but did not achieve a single success. The "insurmountable on the north side of Mount Everest" has been hailed as a myth.

After obtaining the first successful experience of climbing Mount Everest, the Chinese people's footprint has remained on top of Mount Everest generation after generation. China's progress and strength have made Chinese mountaineers the leading force in the world Mount Everest mountaineering.

In 1975, China's second largest mountaineering team arrived at the foot of Mount Everest. After arduous climbing and paying the cost of death or crippled by many people, the last nine Warriors peaked again. Tibetan female Pando became the first woman to reach the summit from the north. The mountaineering team also brought scientific expeditions to Mount Everest and completed a series of scientific examination activities such as measuring the height of the Mount Everest and testing human body skills at high altitudes. This shocked the world.

In the spring of 1988, mountaineers from three countries, China, Japan, and Nepal, launched by China, jointly challenged Everest. In this feat full of human wisdom and whims, the united mountaineering team from the north and the south sides reached the summit of the division and bi-directionally spanned the Everest. The three Chinese team members successfully crossed the Mount Everest, and one climbed to the top. Ciendokichi created the summit. An oxygen-free stay with a 99-minute world record.

For two years, climbers from China, the former Soviet Union and the United States gathered at the foot of Mount Qomolangma in the name of peace. In their unique approach to mountaineering, they show the world the good wishes of peace. In this activity, seven Tibetan members of China stood on the top of the Mount Everest.

In 1993, for the first time, mountaineers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait jointly challenged Everest and succeeded. They engraved the spirit of perseverance and unity of the Chinese nation on the roof of the world.

In 1996, China and Slovakia carried out joint climbing activities. Although several professional team members in China failed to ascend to the top because of illness or other reasons, the university student Shilo created a miracle and became the first Chinese student to climb Mount Everest. The following year, China and the neighboring countries Pakistan’s mountaineering team climbed together, three Tibetan team members climbed to the summit, and Daqimi and Kai Village became the two people who climbed Everest twice.

In 1999, the Tibet Autonomous Region organized a powerful mountaineering expedition to climb Mount Everest in order to collect the flames of the Sixth National Minority Traditional Sports Games from the highest point of the earth. As a result, 10 Tibetan players, including two women, successfully won the summit and successfully collected fire from the top of Mount Everest. Gui Sang became two women who climbed Mount Everest from the north slope. Renna and Jiji became the first Chinese couple to board the Everest at the same time.

This year, climbing Mount Everest has become a hot action for international mountaineering. There are also two teams in the Chinese mountaineering community who are unwilling to fall behind and challenge Everest. After fierce struggle with bad weather, China's first civil single person to challenge Everest's Heilongjiang Yan Genghua peaked on May 21, but unfortunately he disappeared on the way down the mountain.

At this point, there are 46 people in China reaching Mount Everest in 11 times. More than one Warrior was buried in the white snow and ice world of Mount Everest. One person was missing and many people had a lifelong disability. The Chinese people's history of climbing the Mount Everest is an embarrassing history of success and victory.

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