The Method of Using Nature to Determine Time in the Wild

What should you do if you want to know the time without watches in the wild? According to the basic knowledge of the rotation of the earth and the revolution of the moon, the sun can move during the day and the right time can be judged by the movement of the moon at night. However, this is related to the season, latitude and longitude, and so is not very accurate.

If you carry a compass or a compass, you can set a match in the center of the compass or compass, turn the compass or compass pointer to the exact north direction, and observe the direction of the matchstick. The shadow points west ( W) is in the morning, the rod shadow points to the east (E) in the afternoon, the rod shadow points to the north (N) in the noon, and the stroke of the rod shadow can be used to determine the time from 6am to 6pm.

It is also possible to create a simple sundial by itself: use two pieces of cardboard and place it in the corner of the local latitude. On the top of a piece of cardboard, draw a dial from clockwise direction 1 to 24 and insert the pin in the center of the dial. The dial should be heading north when placing the sundial. In March-September, the dial can be placed in accordance with the law, from October to February, the needle should be inserted from the bottom up on the upper cardboard and the dial should be drawn counterclockwise on the back.

The moon can be used to determine the time at night. The moon takes about 12 hours from the east to the west. The average hour is about 15 degrees. It can be combined with the time of moon phase and moon observation.

According to the star's movement measurement time, the simplest kind is that the stars from the bottom of the beta of the Polaris to the bottom of the bear scoop bucket draw an imaginary straight line. Imagine this line as a pointer to the clock. The position of the North Star is the center of the dial. You can measure time as if you were reading a 12-digit timepiece. This requires you to constantly observe the starry sky in conjunction with the time of the clock while clearing the night sky. Remember the position and use it to get acquainted with the car.

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