Alternative binding program - ring booking (4)

2 punching style and gutter selection In general, the two-wire ring set to use a square hole or a round hole; plastic thread spiral ring set to use an oval hole or a circular hole; wire spiral ring set round hole; plastic Ring set more standard square hole. The choice of material for the gutter is also important. For example, the tin wire is cheaper, but when used for a long time, black streaks will remain on the paper surface. Therefore, consider carefully when choosing materials. In addition, the plastic thread spiral ring can be customized color, but the delivery time will be longer and need to buy in bulk.

3. Pitch Generally, a square hole has a common pitch of 3:1 or 2:1; an oval hole of 3.5:1 and 4:1; and a round hole of 5:1. When ordering the gutter, the corresponding pitch must be specified. If the pitch of the gutter does not match the pitch of the binding hole, the binding quality and performance of the product will be affected. If the gutter is wrapped too tightly, the page will lack flexibility and tearing; if it is too loose, the page will appear relatively small, making the entire book clumsy. Therefore, when ordering the gutter, it is necessary to provide the manufacturer with a sample of the book block, and to determine the actual material and the total number of sheets of the finished product, and measure the thickness under pressure-free conditions. After adding 1/8 inch, that is, The book size that can be used as the last sample.

4. Ink

Since the coiling process involves more manual operations, in order to ensure the exquisite appearance of the finished product, it is necessary to avoid the use of slow-drying colors such as light blue in the ink, and also to avoid the appearance of a large area on the printed matter.

5. Trial production

Prior to the formal commencement of the binding, the binding factory shall be required to provide the trial-produced samples, and after confirmation, they shall be put into formal production.

6. Finished product packaging

All ring set products must be staggered so that the binding coils are turned in opposite directions in order to prevent indentation on the booklet cover. In addition, with a certain amount as a unit, the finished product is heat-shrinked and packaged with a plastic film so as to provide better protection for the transportation link.

Ring booking is a relatively unique way of bookbinding. The four programs described in this article have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is advisable for the printing company to begin consulting with the binding specialist in the design stage before making a finishing job in order to select the best binding solution. If the printing company cannot complete the stapling task by itself, it is recommended that the cutting, punching, piercing and other processes be completed together with the binding factory. Because if the cutting deviation or punching is not correct, it will cause troubles to the subsequent processes, which will increase the difficulty of work and increase the production cost. In addition, the establishment of a stable and cooperative relationship between printing companies and professional binding plants is also a very good method. It can not only reduce business investment, lower production costs, shorten production cycles, but also improve the accuracy of work and win more with better products and services. Higher customer satisfaction.