Electric gravure and corrosion gravure have their own views

Gravure printing has an important position in packaging and printing because of its high production efficiency, thick ink layer, vivid color, and good printing quality. In China, both in paper packaging printing and plastic packaging printing, gravure printing has been obtained. Widely used, and the gravure plate used has both engraving gravure and corrosion gravure.

In addition to a small number of special-purpose printing plates, engraving gravure plates are almost always made using electronic engraving systems. At present, large and medium-sized professional gravure plate making factories in China are equipped with electronic engraving machines. According to statistics, the total installed capacity reaches 319 units, and the major brands are MDC, Ohio, He11, and Da Nippon.

Corrosion gravure platemaking method has a long history, through the integration of modern technology, modern etching gravure plate making process from drum pretreatment, nickel plating, copper plating, polishing, coating photosensitive liquid to laser exposure, development, corrosion, chrome plating, etc., the whole process Has achieved a high degree of automation. Therefore, many professional plate-making plants are also equipped with corrosion and gravure plate-making systems, especially in the southeastern coastal area, and the installed capacity of the corrosion-intaglio platemaking system is very large. According to incomplete statistics, at present, the installed capacity of domestic gravure gravure platemaking systems is nearly 2,000.

Investment risk comparison

The price of an electronic engraving machine is about 3 million yuan, and the corrosion and gravure plate making equipment has been competitively downgraded by many domestic manufacturers. At present, a set of equipment can cost more than 100,000 yuan. The amount of investment between the electric engraving and gravure platemaking system and the etching and gravure platemaking system can be nearly ten times or even several ten times. (Whether it is the electronic engraving gravure platemaking system or the corrosion platemaking system, due to different configurations, there will be some differences in price). From the investment point of view, there is no considerable strength and there is no stable and substantial living source. Investment in electronic engraving plate systems obviously has to take greater risks.

Shaanxi Printing Machinery Plant platemaking branch recently introduced a set of Bumeilan corrosion gravure platemaking system from Japan. The director of the factory, Zhou Wei, bluntly stated that: Equipment equipped with a set of imported corrosive gravure platemaking equipment generally needs 40.1 million yuan, while domestically-made platemaking equipment only costs 100,000 to 200,000 yuan. Compared to electronic engraving systems, investment is much smaller and domestic manufacturers can afford it. In recent years, many professional plate-making plants and printing plants have installed corrosive gravure plate-making systems in succession, both imported from Italy, Germany, and Japan, and a considerable part are domestically produced systems. Users throughout the state-owned enterprises, joint ventures and private enterprises. In addition, etched gravure not only has low system investment cost, but also has low plate-making cost (sales price). We estimate that only one-half of the engraving intaglio plate not only has a greater price attraction for the printing factory, but also Bring good economic benefits, and for the plate-making plant is also a large profit space, equipment investment can be quickly recovered. What's more, the plate-making quality of the etching and gravure platemaking system can fully meet the requirements of the general high-grade gravure printing products, and is widely used in the printing of plastic flexible packaging and paper packaging. Therefore, after our company fully inspected, we introduced a set of cloth-grain gravure platemaking system last year.

Since the acquisition of Ohio, Switzerland's Dettweiler has become China's largest supplier of electronic engraving and gravure platemaking systems. Of the 319 electronic engraving machines that have been introduced in China, 231 are from the company, including 93 MDC electric engraving machines and 138 original Ohio electric engraving machines. Ms. Chen Mengqin, the technical director of its representative office in Beijing, has other opinions: The initial investment in electronic engraving machines is relatively high, but it is more advantageous in view of the quality of platemaking and the cost of platemaking, or from the perspective of market development. If the equipment depreciation is not taken into account, the cost of electronic engraving plate making is half that of corrosion plate making. The most important is the advanced technology of electronic engraving. It not only has high quality and stability, but also adapts to a wide range of products. In terms of environmental protection, it only requires the treatment of electroplating waste liquid. The working environment of plate making is good, and the labor intensity of workers is small. A promising platemaking process.

Market positioning

Ms. Chen Mengqin from Switzerland's Detteweiler Company summed up the use of the company's users and came to the conclusion that the process of electrogravity and gravure platemaking is highly controllable, especially in the production of packaging grading plates and cigarette packets gravure printing plates. The advantage is that the corrosion of plate-making cannot be overcome. The performance of engraving and gravure printing is also better than that of etching and gravure printing, which is mainly manifested in good ink transferability, and it is not easy to block plates, and the level reproduction is good. Corrosion gravure only has advantages in the processing of individual lines. Judging from the current application and long-term development, carving and gravure has a broad market and good prospects for development in the fields of packaging and decoration and decoration (such as woodgrain paper, floor leather, and textiles). Corrosion intaglio will no longer have much room for development in the future.

According to Qu Xiangliang, deputy director of Beijing Seiko Co., Ltd., the electronic engraving system is not only suitable for the production of medium and high-grade long-line paper gravure printing plates and plastic film gravure printing plates, but also for the processing of anilox rollers. The etched gravure platemaking system is suitable for producing ordinary paper gravure printing plates and plastic film gravure printing plates of medium printing times. The most outstanding advantage of etched gravure is that the quality of the line version is good, because the depth of its cell can be nearly twice as deep as that of the same number of line engraving gravure, the amount of ink carried is large, the printing ink layer is thick, and the printing product is colorful and saturated. In addition, the corrosive plate making method has a very good market prospect in the production of special editions such as embossing plates and hot stamping plates.

Speaking of the platemaking cycle, Zhou and the deputy director of the company agreed that corroded gravure has the advantage of a short processing cycle. Bei Ke Jinggong Gravure Printing Plant produces a set of engraving gravure which takes about 3-4 days from the final draft, and an expedited version can be completed in 2 days. Corrosion and gravure plate making time is relatively short, usually 2 to 3 days. According to the calculation of the weekly plant manager of Shaanxi Printing Machinery Plant, it takes about 8 hours to make an etching gravure, and it takes 24 hours to make an engraving gravure cylinder. From the perspective of production efficiency, corrosion gravure has a greater advantage. But Qu Qu, the deputy director of the company, believes that although the etching and gravure platemaking cycle is relatively short and the operation difficulty is relatively large, the main manifestation is that there are many human influence factors. The environmental temperature and humidity, the concentration of the etching solution, etc. will affect the plate making effect. Therefore, the etching intaglio The heavy copy accuracy is lower than the engraving gravure and is not suitable for reworking. In addition, the production of corrosive gravure requires manual seams, and the quality of the seam also depends on the skill level of the operator. The engraving and intaglio platemaking process is controlled by a computer control system. There are few man-made influencing factors and the re-copying version has high precision. The gravure printing version of the preceding and the following two times can ensure that the gravure reproduction is basically the same, and the revision and repeated reprinting are convenient.

Application Example 1

Beijing Jinggong Gravure Printing Plate Co., Ltd. is a professional gravure platemaking factory. In 1990, it cooperated with Beijing Third Trademark Factory to introduce Japan's Bumeilan corrosion gravure platemaking system and began to get involved in gravure platemaking. field. With the development of the packaging and decorating printing industry, market demand has expanded. The plant to seize the opportunity, from 1993, have successively invested in the introduction of four MDC electronic engraving machine, eight Ohio electronic engraving machine, cloth Merlin corrosion gravure plate coating system also expanded to 4 sets, becoming a relatively Strong professional production capacity of large-scale plate-making factory, and in Huangshan, Hainan and other places opened a plate-making factory.

According to the factory’s deputy director, Mr. Qu Xueliang, the proportion of plastic gravure gravure printing plates and paper packaging gravure printing plates is about 2:1. The gravure printing plates of plastics are the main business of our factory. . Although the amount of investment in electronic engraving equipment is relatively large, about 2 million yuan each, and a set of investment in the system of Bumeilan plate is only about 100,000 yuan, but the transfer performance of engraving gravure ink is good, especially the accuracy of re-copy version High, very suitable for processing packaged prints that require frequent repeated reprints to ensure consistency of different batches of product packaging. Therefore, we did not hesitate to increase the investment in electronic engraving machines step by step and achieved good economic benefits.

The reporter saw in the factory proofing workshop that its business was mostly the best-selling food, beverage packaging and pharmaceutical packaging on the market.

According to the deputy director of Qu, currently, about 90% of the platemaking business undertaken by the Seiko Co., Ltd. gravure platemaking factory is a gravure gravure plate, and the corrosion and gravure platemaking equipment basically serves only as a supplemental equipment. However, etched gravure can obtain deeper web sites. We have used this feature to develop hot stamping and embossing plate making business, providing supporting services for wire round presses, round press presses and embossing presses. Welcomed by users, business volume is on the rise.

Application Example 2

Shaanxi Printing Machinery Factory plate-making factory was established in 1978, mainly serving users in the northwest, has long been consistent with the traditional over carbon paper etching plate method. With the development of the market economy, packaging users in the northwest region have higher and higher quality requirements for product packaging. Although there are more than 30 gravure platemaking plants in the region, most of them use backward traditional platemaking processes and cannot meet their needs. Therefore, the gravure plate making business of these products has been absorbed by some large professional plate making factories. In order to make up for the lack of gravure platemaking capabilities in the northwest region and fully take into account the economic strength of the northwest region, the plant invested 40,000 to 500,000 yuan last year to introduce a set of Japan's Bumeilan corrosion gravure plate-making masters that represent the world's leading level. Director Zhou Wei introduced that after the introduction of this equipment, the production capacity of our plant has increased exponentially, and the quality of plate making has also reached a new level. It is comparable to engraving gravure, and the cost of plate making is much lower than that of engraving gravure. Attracted a large number of customers, output and output rose sharply. At present, 80% of our business is plastic intaglio. Other products include paper tea bags, melon bags, floor leathers, and paper packaging boxes. As the plate quality is good, we have won the trust of users. Corrosion gravure mesh depth can reach 0.1mm. It is twice as deep as the engraving gravure. Therefore, the printing ink layer is thicker and more three-dimensional. In terms of resistance to printing, etched gravure is comparable to engraved intaglio. If used properly, a set of printing plates can print millions of bags when printed in flexible packaging. In the past, there was a serious pollution problem in the gravure corrosion process. Currently, due to the use of some non-toxic treatment methods, the pollution problem has been basically solved. The corrosive solution used in the etching and gravure process needs to be treated with waste liquid. The engraving process is a physical process and there is no pollution problem. However, whether the etching gravure or the engraved gravure portion is subjected to electroplating treatment, there is a problem of waste plating solution treatment.