Mangbang Town, Tengchong City strives to build an outdoor sports town

Mangbang Town, Tengchong City, to build an outdoor sports town Date:2016-03-23 ​​16:32

With the development of global tourism and the implementation of the Tengchong tourism internationalization strategy, Mangbang Town has taken measures to promote the construction of outdoor sports towns.

High starting point planning

Mangbang Town, as the east gate of Tengchong, has a profound history and rich tourist resources. In the town area there are Xiangshuiwan Neolithic Human Sites, Taipingpu Beacon Tower, Longchuan River Iron Bridge, Fengjia Ancient House and other cultural relics, ancient tea culture, anti-war culture, overseas Chinese culture, ethnic culture, Silk Road culture, Neolithic culture The scenery of this place is beautiful; Gaoligong Mountain lies in the southeast direction of Mangbang, Longchuan River flows, Ancient Silk Road, Stilwell Road echoes, Bathhouse hot springs, Banshan Hot Spring transpiration, Ganlusi Reservoir, Dayutang Reservoir, etc. Kutang River Lake is located at Mangbang Star Luobubu and is suitable for self-driving tours, hiking expeditions, water sports, sports recreation and other tourism projects. The main leaders of the Tengchong municipal government have repeatedly visited Mangbang to investigate and study tourism and cultural resources, and proposed the goal of building Mangbang outdoor sports town, pointing out the direction for the development of Mangbang tourism culture. Focusing on the construction goals of the outdoor sports town, Mangbang Town successively invited Yunnan Xingzhi Company and Kunming Kedao Architectural Design Company to carry out high starting point planning for outdoor sports tourism routes, integrating resources, spotting and tapping, stringing and beading, and initially providing tourism to Mangbang. The layout of the space is vertical (longitudinal line of Gaoligong Mountain and Longchuan River line), two horizontal lines (horizontal ancient Silk Road, Stilwell Road), three areas (East Gaoligong Mountain Area, Central Longchuan River Valley Valley Area, Western tourism Area), Nine Cores (Taiping to Dahaoping Ancient Guan Road, Feng Gu Zhai Ancient Tea, Tengchong First Overseas Chinese Village Zhangjiacun, Laoqiaotou Yanjia Fengqing Village, Qiaojie Hongli, Longwen Bridge, Pingtian Ecological Experience, Shangying terraced fields, Ganlu Temple scenery).

Multi-channel promotion

In order to further enhance the popularity and reputation of outdoor sports towns, Mangbang Town has adopted various forms of external propaganda. The first is to clarify the propaganda theme of the tea gods in the hometown of the tea gods, design and produce the logo of the mans outdoor sports town, and repeatedly use pictures, videos, and real objects propagating the mansions, so that the brand name of the outdoor sports town Into the heart; second is the use of WeChat public number Tengchong Mans stick and the official microblogging @ Tea God's hometown Silk Road Mans pub regularly publish outdoor sports information, including "Mangbang outdoor sports town to give you a thousand healthy reasons" in WeChat The circle of friends has been widely shared, reading more than 12,000 people, and the Weibo temptation to publish the Weibo Ancient Guandao Road, which reads nearly 20,000 people; the third is to send all the cadres of the Mangbang Township to adopt WeChat or word of mouth. In the form of its own, it promotes the information of mans' outdoor sports in its circle of friends and encourages cadres and workers to write manuscripts for tourism culture, and submits articles to various media at all levels. Only the safety supervision stationmaster Zhou Yongpei wrote more than 30 manuscripts. In the Baoshan Daily, Tengchong News Network, Charm Tengchong and other media published, its writing, "the home of tea gods Silk Road Mans Ancient Road Huahai Line Introduction" became the classic line of Mans bar tourism; four is Please Tengchong TV station to Mangbang to shoot outdoor sports related news and special topics, highlight Taipingpu to Dahaoping Ancient Guandao Walking Trail; invite Tengchong Photographers Association to Mangbang to shoot 10,000 acres of azalea flowers, alpine meadows, ancient official roads , Beacon Tower, Qilong Ancient Tea Garden and Shangying Terraced Fields, produced a visual feast of Mangbang Tourism; invited Baoshan and Tengchong municipal government staff and tourism team to visit the Mangbang on foot to actually experience and publicize the beauty of Mangbang outdoor sports.

All-round construction

In accordance with the concept of protection priority, highlighting sports, culture as core, and experience development, we will build an all-round outdoor sports town. The first is to take the form of the government to set up the stage, the company to sing operas, and the participation of the masses, and fully initiate the protection of cultural sites such as Fengjia Ancient House, Longchuan River Iron Bridge, Taipingpu Ancient Guandao, Zhangjiacun Overseas Chinese Village, and Ganlu Temple; Three outdoor billboards were set up along the Teng highway, 9 tourist signages and 9 billboards were set up from the Chengzimen to Dahaoping road sections. The town of Mangbang welcomes you with 11 gold gilds; the third is to clear Taipingpu to Dahaoping Ancient Road and set up relevant site descriptions and warning signs. The trees are draped in English and Chinese characters along the way, and they are in Taipingpu and Wong Chuk Yuen. The campsite is planned to be set up in spacious areas such as Pinghe Ancient Temple, and the fourth is to cooperate with famous travel agencies in Tengchong to plan the introduction of restricted group tourism and private custom tourism; it is planned to build rural farmhouses with Mangbang characteristics, and to restore old state-run camps in Dahaoping. Food Hall, awakening the once lively festival of Artemisia platyphylla and the nostalgia of people in the 1970s and 1980s

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