Bijiang District Bureau of Education launches "charm women's health towel" planting trees and outdoor development activities

Bijiang District Bureau of Education launches "Charming Women's Health and Women's Health" tree planting and outdoor development activities Date:2016-03-10 13:49

On March 5th, at the onset of the 38th International Women's Day and Tree-planting Festival, more than 70 cadre workers from the Education Bureau of Bijiang District picked up Tiejun and Shantou to carry out the nine-year-long school in Baishui to develop attractive women's health, planting trees, and outdoor development. activity.

On the same day, the tree planting activities were carried out in an orderly manner. The labor scene was in full swing. The atmosphere was relaxed and happy. Everyone worked together to plant green tree seedlings. Some were busy putting saplings, some soil, some watering, and some trampling and compaction. Put in tree planting activities. After more than an hour of hard work, we planted a total of 60 camphor trees and 60 eucalyptus trees, adding a new greenery to the campus.

This year’s Women’s Day combined the celebrations with the planting of trees. Although there was mud on the clothes and sweat was running on the body, a fresh greenery in front of everyone’s eyes filled with joy and could add a force to the construction of a garden city. The eight seasons are very meaningful. A female staff involved in planting trees said happily.

After the tree-planting activities, the outdoor development activities officially kicked off. The District Education Bureau staff and the Baishui School faculty members carried out project competitions and successively launched super rackets, caterpillar races, happy feet, CS live-action battles, and football friendly matches. A series of cooperation activities. During the event, everyone encouraged each other and worked closely together to experience various stimuli and challenges. Individuals’ willpower, team communication skills, resilience, and psychological and self-regulatory abilities were greatly enhanced. They were drawn into bureaus and schools. The distance has also effectively improved everyone's psychological quality and national defense awareness, and laid a good foundation for future work.

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