[Green wardrobe] What should I pay attention to when buying green wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Modern life is paying more and more attention to environmental protection and health. The purchase and decoration of wardrobes is an indispensable part of home decoration and plays a vital role in people's health. In the market, the slogans of environmental protection are very diverse. How do consumers distinguish between true and false? What are the misunderstandings about the decoration?

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Misunderstanding 1: Environmentally friendly materials are equal to environmental protection

Many owners believe that as long as the overall wardrobe decoration uses environmentally friendly materials, home improvement can meet environmental standards, but even environmentally friendly materials still have the risk of superimposed pollution. Environmentally friendly materials can only indicate that the amount of harmful substances released from the material meets the relevant national standards, but this does not mean that there is no pollution. Taking formaldehyde as an example, suppose that in a set of 80 square meters, 10 large core plates are used, and the formaldehyde content in the indoor environment may be qualified, but it is also the same. If 20 large core plates are used. Then the formaldehyde content will exceed the standard. This shows that even if all the environmentally-friendly building materials are used, once the excess is exceeded, the indoor harmful substances are also unqualified.

Misunderstanding 2: New house first renovated after treatment

Some owners did not take any environmental protection measures during the renovation of the new wardrobe of the new house, but only when the renovation project was about to end, they did some local environmental protection. In fact, environmental protection and decoration should be started from the source. After the renovation, the treatment is a point-to-face, partial and comprehensive environmental protection concept, which often does not achieve good environmental protection effects. It should be started from the source of pollution of the decoration materials and rational design.

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Myth #3: Believe in the brand but ignore the details

Compared with other brands, the formal brand overall wardrobe is more likely to be loved by young white-collar workers. After all, brand means quality assurance and good after-sales service. However, as a formal brand, it is not a matter of climbing with some big brands, and “who we work with and who is consistent with the materials” can be used, because manufacturers say this, but consumers cannot examine their authenticity.

Even when choosing a regular brand, you should examine the quality through details. Good overall wardrobe, through the plate, countertop, drilling, edge sealing to identify the craft is exquisite, such as hanging cabinet pendant, front panel reinforcement and other details are also very important, the overall wardrobe quality and life is often determined by these details of. So consumers should not be bothered, and shop around for details.

Myth 4: Don't believe in "concept traps"

Young white-collar workers pay more attention to the quality of life, so they also pay more attention to whether the overall wardrobe products are environmentally friendly. When you purchase, you must purchase the consultation questions. The shopping guide generally uses the terms “all environmental protection”, “E0 class cabinet” and “anti-collision strip to avoid formaldehyde release” to guarantee the quality of its products. After hearing these explanations, consumers will not pursue the details any more. As everyone knows, these are business hype, the purpose is to let consumers fall into the "concept trap" of environmental protection.

Whether the overall wardrobe is environmentally friendly, and the environmental performance of the board, the processing technology, the worker installation technology, the design level of the whole wardrobe, the decoration of the whole wardrobe, and the configuration of the whole wardrobe are all related. Whether it can effectively avoid the soot pollution, light pollution, noise pollution of the whole wardrobe. Therefore, the "100% environmentally friendly overall wardrobe" is actually very difficult to achieve, and the overall wardrobe environmental protection is a comprehensive concept. China's overall wardrobe industry has not yet established a unified environmental standard, but the most authoritative environmental certification in China is the “10-ring certification”.

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