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At present, you can see well-known wooden flooring brands and natural wooden flooring everywhere in various markets on the Internet. This brand has a very high visibility and recognition in China. It is one of the most valuable brands in Asia. The production of wood flooring is the focus, and the products involve solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, ecological flooring, laminate flooring and other aspects. With its good quality, natural wood flooring has won a good reputation both inside and outside. The following editor will focus on introducing natural laminate flooring to everyone.

Introduction to Nature Floor

Established in 1995, Nature Floor (China) Co., Ltd. mainly produces, develops, and sells nature solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, ecological nature flooring, and laminate flooring. The plant area is 400,000 square meters. The annual output exceeds 20 million square meters. Since 2000, the sales volume of natural flooring products has continued to grow strongly at a growth rate of 30% each year. The market share of the products ranks among the best in the industry and has become one of the largest wooden flooring enterprises in Asia.

Natural wood flooring series has become the national solid wood flooring sales champion for 10 consecutive years since 2001. Nature is also the only enterprise unit invited to draft the national solid wood flooring industry standard and become the leading brand of solid wood flooring in China. The products cover ten main tree species, about one hundred single products, and the selection criteria of solid wood flooring are strict and the management norms can provide fashionable solid wood flooring products for consumers of different ages and different strata.

The nature laminate flooring series has 10 process advantages. The application of three super UV paint processes, negative ion zero carbon and other technologies makes the laminate flooring have the advantages of super wear resistance, easy maintenance, and at the same time, it can also take into account comfort and environmental performance.

The nature multi-layer solid wood flooring series absorbs the advantages of natural comfort and stable and easy maintenance of solid wood flooring. It has rich performance forms, and features such as easy care, geothermal resistance, and easy pavement represent the trend of home furnishing materials development.

Advantages of nature laminate flooring:

Good wear resistance: The wear layer on the surface of the reinforced floor is specially treated to achieve a high hardness, even if it is sharpened with a hard object such as a key, it will not leave traces. The biggest advantage of this advantage is that you no longer have to shrink your hands to protect the floor in daily life.

Stain resistance: When a stain falls on the surface of a wooden material, it easily penetrates and is difficult to clean. The surface of the laminate floor is completely free of this trouble. Because the surface is a special material, even if the ink drops, it will not penetrate. It can only stay on the surface and can be cleaned with a mop.

Good care: wear-resistant and dirt-resistant floors are naturally easy to care for. Even if you do n’t take care of it for a while, you do n’t have to worry about the floor being damaged. This is especially useful for young families who are usually busy.

Low price: When the price of solid wood flooring is still rising, the price of laminate flooring is gradually declining. Now the general laminate flooring on the market can be bought at a price of 50 yuan / square meter. The floor budget can be saved a lot.

Disadvantages of nature laminate flooring:

High hardness: Laminated flooring is made of high-fiber artificial board. Unlike solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring is made of wood and has a comfortable foot feel. It is generally not suitable for family decoration in children's rooms and elderly rooms.

Poor repairability: After the reinforced floor is generally damaged, it is more difficult to repair. Unlike solid wood floors, it can be reground and painted. Reinforced floors can only be replaced with new ones after being damaged due to the artificial panels used.

Poor environmental performance: This is not to say that laminate flooring is not environmentally friendly. The environmental performance of laminate flooring is mainly compared with solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring. Adhesives are used in the processing of laminate flooring, which contains Formaldehyde, as long as the content of formaldehyde is within the acceptable range of the human body, is a healthy and environmentally friendly floor.

Many consumers now have doubts about the environmental performance of laminate flooring, but laminate flooring is relatively cheap, which makes consumers have a dilemma in choosing. It is recommended that you choose brand laminate flooring. Although the price of brand laminate flooring will be more expensive than ordinary laminate flooring, the environmental performance, quality and after-sales service of brand laminate flooring are very guaranteed.

When purchasing laminate flooring, we mainly consider these aspects. In addition, if you want to buy laminate flooring that is safe and environmentally friendly, and the after-sales service is more secure, it is recommended that you go to a brand store to buy flooring. For example: Relief, Nature, Sacred Elephant, Yangtze, etc. These are the top ten laminate flooring brands in China. Among them, Anxin Floor has also obtained a German health patent.

Several aspects to be paid attention to when buying natural flooring

We all know that the choice of wood flooring must be carefully distinguished, and natural wood flooring withstands the test of time by virtue of its excellent quality. For example, the floor's water absorption expansion rate is very low, which meets the requirements that premium products should achieve, and the surface's wear resistance is very high, and the service life is long. The third is that the price of natural wood floors is not high, but they are all environmentally friendly materials.

Nature floor price

Nature fresh white oak laminate flooring DSQ0004 ï¿¥ 178

Nature laminate flooring DSQ0007 ï¿¥ 99

Nature laminate flooring DSQ0012 ï¿¥ 69

Nature laminate flooring DSQ0010 ï¿¥ 178

Nature laminate flooring DSQ1001 ï¿¥ 89

Nature laminate flooring DSQ0002 ï¿¥ 178

Nature laminate flooring LC1206 ï¿¥ 115

Nature laminate flooring DSQ0008 ï¿¥ 178

Note: The above information is for reference only.

Editor's summary: Relevant information about how natural laminate flooring is introduced here for everyone, I hope this article is helpful to everyone. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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