To beginners: choose a suitable set of ski equipment and go for a total of about 7 years in the Olympic Winter Games.

Today, Xiao Bian tells everyone how beginners choose a suit for their own ski equipment, hoping to help Snow Friends.

For beginners, choosing ski equipment and buying expensive professional ski equipment are of little significance. Beginners are most likely to injure skis, and they may damage them with a blade or two for a year or two. Therefore, it is recommended that beginners do not blindly pursue big names. When purchasing, they can choose their own characteristics.


General skis are divided into wood, glass fiber and metal. Wood is light and inexpensive, but it is easily deformed by moisture. Therefore, special grease should be applied before use to make it difficult to stick snow and prevent snow from entering. Fiberglass skis are suitable for any snowy snow, but at a higher price. The metal skis of aluminum alloys are light and dry on deep snow and ice, and the prices are high. There are currently snowboards made from these three materials that are popular among skiers.

2. Ski boots

Skiing is a very fast movement. The ski's technical movements are mainly done by feet. The requirements for shoes are very high. The shoes must fit well and they should feel comfortable to wear. The soles of the feet, insteps, and heels should be tightly wrapped around the toes. In the shoes you can't feel too tight. Wearing ski boots should feel that the shoes are tightly wrapped around the feet and calves.

Beginners and amateurs can choose to keep warm and waterproof ski boots. It is best to choose the booties with lower boot so as not to affect the turn of the foot. Regarding the shoe number, choosing a shoe size for a ski shoe should be less than the size of a normal shoe size. It is also possible to use the same shoe size in peacetime and never buy anything larger than your usual shoe size.

3. Ski helmet

How do newbies get their own ski equipment? In terms of protective equipment, the first thing to be equipped is a ski helmet. At critical moments, it is a life-saving object. Because ski resorts also have a variety of building structures and because novice skiers can't master their own skills, choosing a good quality ski helmet is very important. Let's go to the Ski Net Xiaobian specifically to remind, I hope that the younger partner who just started learning to ski is not to ignore security issues just to be handsome.

4. Ski gloves

Waterproof gloves, do not use wool and ordinary fleece gloves, these gloves will be wet when falling, cold fingers may be frostbite. And these gloves don't have a windproof effect. You feel cold in your fingers. To choose a waterproof and warm gloves, it is convenient and comfortable.

5. Key protectors

The highest number of board falls is knees and ass, so knee pads should be there, and more is to rest on the snow when knees are not too cold. It is more important to protect the buttocks. When a novice is ready, he is ready to sit down and wear the board and fall backwards. He will fall forward and protect his knees. He will then fall back on his hips. If it can be recommended to have one wrist, it is best not to touch the ground during the gliding process to avoid the wrist fracture.

6. Ski glasses

Snow mirror is very important, many newcomers are not paying attention to this detail. The sun reflected intensely on the snow, and the cool breeze in the glide caused greater eye irritation. Ski enthusiasts should have a suitable snow mirror to maintain their eyes. Advocates snow mirror should choose thick frame, fully enclosed plastic type, the frame needs to have a breathable mouth, so that the facial heat outside the mirror to ensure that the mirror has an outstanding visual effect.

7. Ski wear

Ski wear is very important, the main role is to resist wind and warm. Skiing has a higher demand for clothing, and the tops should be loose to facilitate gliding; cuffs and trousers should be selected in order to avoid snow; neckline should be an upright high collar to prevent cold air from entering. For beginner skiers, it is best to use one-piece ski suits. Beginner skiers can easily slip into the snow. Siamese ski suits can prevent snow from entering the clothes. At the same time, there will not be a loose hem of the clothes that affects skiing.

8. Ski poles

In order to better understand the balance, many skis do not use poles for their initial practice. There is basically no need for a pole in super carving technology. But in general, ski poles are still the basic equipment for skiing.

9. Fixer

All skis have a device for fixing the ski boots on them. When the skier falls, the retainer can quickly loosen, thus avoiding one of the important protective devices for skiing injuries.

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