What kind of wood flooring is good?

When buying solid wood flooring, you will see the types of wood marked on the floor. The price, color, texture, hardness and wear resistance of different solid wood floors are different. Solid wood floors are natural and beautiful, durable and good in touch. Characteristics, has become the ideal floor decoration materials in home life. However, there are many types of solid wood flooring. How to choose a suitable solid wood flooring has become a problem that everyone has to face in home decoration. What kind of wood floor is good? Here, the editor will introduce you to the types of solid wood flooring wood , I hope to help everyone.

1. Pine

Korean pine. The material is light and soft, the strength is moderate, the drying is good, and it is resistant to water and corrosion. The advantage lies in processing, painting, coloring and cementing. White pine. The material is light and soft, full of elasticity, the structure is too fine and uniform, the drying is good, and it is resistant to water and corrosion. The advantage lies in processing, painting, coloring and cementing. Compared with red pine, white pine has high strength.

2. Teak

Teak is a world-famous and precious wood. It is the only board that can withstand seawater erosion and sun exposure without bending and cracking. Teak flooring is rich in oil and iron, which can resist moisture, various mosquitoes, and is particularly resistant to corrosion. The teak floor has a comfortable foot feel, is extremely elastic, and it lasts for a long time. The longer the time, the brighter the color. Teak has a unique aroma, which not only protects against snakes, rats and mosquitoes, but also soothes people's nerves and helps sleep.

3. Disc beans

The disc bean is commonly known as green mulberry. It belongs to the finest solid wood flooring materials. The heartwood is golden brown to reddish brown, mainly distributed in Africa, and especially produced in Ghana. The disc bean floor is dark in color and heavy in weight, catering to the Chinese people's preference of "the darker the thing, the heavier the more grade". Due to the high density of the disc bean floor, it is relatively hard, and there is basically no deformation when it is slightly smashed, and the resistance to impact is very strong. In the mid-range solid wood floor, the stability performance of the disc bean floor is relatively good.

3. Indian eggplant

Ingonia flooring is also known as pineapple flooring, and is known for its good stability. Inga wood flooring has always been a popular species of solid wood flooring in the Chinese market. Inga wood flooring is the most stable among the existing wood flooring types, with few after-sales problems and a wide range of applications. Inga wood is a wood produced in Southeast Asia. Due to the impact of the Indonesian tsunami, there are few real inga wood floors on the market.

4. Panlong

The Fanlongyan floor is commonly known as Tangmu, and is known as the small pineapple grid because of its pattern like a pineapple grid. Panlong is mainly produced in Southeast Asia and is rich in raw materials, so it is affordable and is one of the best-selling solid wood flooring varieties. The difference between the heart and edge of the longan is slightly obvious, the heartwood is brown and reddish brown, the sapwood is lighter, the texture is clear, and it is slightly staggered, the weight and strength are medium, the stability is good, the wear resistance, the termite resistance, suitable for furniture, interior decoration, carving , Especially suitable for flooring materials.

5. Rosewood

The rosewood wood grains are staggered, the structure is delicate and uniform, the strength is high, the abrasion resistance is resistant to termites, the color is reddish brown, it reveals a light fragrance, and it is elegant and elegant. The wood is hard, the color difference is small, the color is deep red, and it is elegant and durable. It is a material that can be used for 100 years. It is suitable for the production and decoration of high-end furniture and is a relatively rare tree species in the floor. The Ming and Qing palaces regarded it as a treasure for making furniture, and the British and French royal families were proud of laying the floor.

6. Fraxinus mandshurica

Fraxinus mandshurica is an ancient relic plant with tough material and beautiful texture. It becomes milky white or pinkish pink. Mainly distributed in North Korea, Russia, Japan and North China and Northeast China, the main characteristics of Ash are clear and beautiful wood grain, good corrosion resistance, water resistance, easy processing, high toughness, good coloring performance, and good decorative properties.

7. Gamba

The heartwood of croton is light red to red, and turns dark red after a long time. The sapwood is lighter and the heart sapwood is obvious. The wood is shiny, the texture is staggered or wavy, the structure is roughly uniform, the material is hard and hard, the strength is high, the stability is not good, and it is resistant to decay and insects. It should be used with caution in the northern dry areas (humidification in winter). When paving, the seam should be deliberately left, and the thickness of a packing belt should be inserted in the second row. The environmental humidity should be adjusted during use.

8. Oak

Mainly produced in China, North America, Europe, the market is commonly known as oak and oak. The heartwood is brown to dark brown, sometimes yellowish. The sapwood is yellowish white with brown, and the heart sapwood is clearly distinguished. The wood is shiny, the texture is straight or oblique, and the structure is coarse. The annual rings are very obvious and wavy. The wood ray is obvious, and there are two kinds of width and narrow. The wide ray of the radial cut surface is shiny, which constitutes a very obvious marking. It is heavy, has good moisture resistance and wear resistance. It has great nail-holding power and good paint coloring. It is a traditional consumer and best-selling tree species in European and American markets.

Advantages of solid wood flooring

1. Durability: The solid wood floor is made of a whole piece of wood, and the thickness of the solid wood floor on the market is uniformly 18mm, which ensures the wear resistance. Until now, the solid wood floors of many old Shanghai houses are still strong and durable, which is a good example.

2. Environmental protection: Because it is derived from natural wood, it is not radioactive and does not contain formaldehyde, so there is no harm to the human body. As long as it is a product grown by a regular manufacturer, everyone basically does not need to consider environmental protection, this feature is why many families value solid wood flooring. Natural wood itself does not contain formaldehyde, but the quality of the paint used by many small manufacturers to make lacquer boards is not sufficient, which will cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard.

3. Feet are good: The paved solid wood floor has good elasticity, no matter the temperature or touch, the feet are very soft and comfortable.

4. Warm in winter and cool in summer: As the thermal conductivity of wood is small, it has a good temperature regulation effect as a ground material, especially in cold winter, people who move indoors will not feel stiff feet, unlike laminate flooring Stepped on it and felt cold.

5. Beautiful and natural: wood is natural, and its annual ring texture often gives people a feeling of returning to nature and returning to the original. No matter the texture or beauty, it is unique. This is a quality that artificial floors cannot achieve anyway.

6. Natural fragrance: Some precious woods exude natural fragrance, as if returning to nature, which will make you relaxed and happy after tired. And this fragrance does not dissipate with the use of time, it can be distributed for a long time.

Disadvantages of solid wood flooring

1. Difficult to maintain: Solid wood flooring has high requirements for installation. Once installed poorly, it will cause a series of problems. The consistently high complaint rate for floor installation problems illustrates this problem. This also means that from the beginning of the installation, you have to spend a lot of energy to pay attention to the installation of solid wood flooring. After installation, the troubles still exist. Because the stability of the solid wood floor is not good enough, when the indoor environment is too humid or dry, it is easy to arch, warp or deform. And after the paving is completed, it should be waxed and oiled frequently, otherwise the gloss on the floor surface will soon disappear, which is really tiring.

2. High price: Due to various factors, the solid wood floor has been maintained at a high price, and there is no possibility of downward adjustment in the short term. Now the market is slightly better, and the price of solid wood flooring with better quality is more than 200 yuan / square meter. Counting it down, the money spent on solid wood flooring is really indispensable, families with tight budgets still have to weigh.

Editor's summary: What are the types of solid wood flooring wood and what kind of material is good? The relevant information is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still do n’t understand something, you can leave a comment below, we will answer it as soon as possible.

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