A certain part of the Army successfully implemented a peer-to-peer video conferencing application using the Polar Star Codec

I. Overview

Information resources are an important support for the future battlefield combat system. How to obtain safe and fast information in the war has become the key to defeating the enemy. It can be seen that the informatization construction of the military system has become an urgent issue for military development under the new situation. It is imperative to build a video conference system to strengthen the military informationization. Military combat exercises, military and political meetings, training and learning, etc., all need to achieve clear and smooth audio and video effects through video conferencing systems, in order to carry out interactive communication.

The Central Military Commission put forward the call of "building an informationized army and winning an informationized war", instructing the entire army to actively promote the strategy of informatization and strengthening the military, so as to achieve the goal of coping with and winning high-tech local war in the future.

Under this opportunity, a certain army department successfully realized a peer-to-peer video conference by borrowing our codec.

Second, customer needs

The customer is an Army unit and needs to conduct live video and two-way video conferences of the internal conference activities of the military region. At the same time, it is necessary to transmit 1080p HD video. Since the participants are from the participants to the main conference venue for the conference, in time and material. There is a lot of investment, so the customer proposes: In order to make better use of the military private network, set up a video conference inside the military network, requiring that the two military regions can directly conduct video conferences in real time; the participants are exempted from being picked up. Twists and turns. At the same time, in the usual time, you can push different video files from the military headquarters to the military division.

Third, the customer status

1) The military and military sub-conferences are equipped with high-definition/standard-definition cameras or multiple-camera navigation switching devices for real-time overview of the main venue for recording;

2) The military and military sub-conference venues have corresponding audio acquisition input and output devices;

3) Military and military sub-conferences are transmitted by 2M bandwidth connection

Fourth, the program design

This program uses the Aoku HD live broadcast encoder and the Aoku HD decoder to perfectly realize the use of the unit, support internal communication, communicate the spirit of the meeting and command requirements in real time, cross-regional requirements; better implementation of the troops Information exchange of units;

Hardware platform:

Aoku HD video live encoder (model: AOKU HT-1001H), 2 sets;

Austrian cool HD decoder (model: DECX2), 2 sets;

Five, product advantages

When comparing with peer products in real time, our products have the advantages of small delay, high definition, support 1080p pure HD decoding, meet the transmission of video data under different bandwidths and high cost performance, and finally win customers' trust.

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