Causes and elimination methods of common errors in testing machines

Today, Shanghai Tiji Instrument & Meter Technology Co., Ltd. shares with you some knowledge of the pipe testing machine. I hope that everyone can understand and understand the pipe testing machine more deeply.

1. The error caused by the incorrect installation of the tensile testing machine

The installation of the test machine is not level, which will increase the friction between the moving parts and affect the vertical installation, thus bringing errors to the tensile testing machine.

(1) The main part is not installed horizontally

Friction will be generated between the working piston and the working cylinder, and the friction wheel between the working platform of the testing machine and the side column will also generate friction, which will cause errors, generally showing positive difference, and the error increases with the load. And decrease.

(2) The dynamometer part is not installed horizontally

If the dynamometer is not installed horizontally before and after, the friction between the pendulum shaft bearings will occur, and the error will generally be negative. The combination of the above two factors produces a large error, which has a large impact on small loads and a small impact on large loads.

2. Error caused by frictional resistance

(1) Main part frictional resistance

The frictional resistance of the hydraulic testing machine mainly occurs between the working cylinder and the working piston. In addition to the installation of non-level factors, there is dirt in the cylinder, the viscosity of the oil is too large, it will also increase the frictional resistance. In addition, improper positioning of the work platform guide wheel will also increase the friction with the side column.

(2) dynamometer part of the frictional resistance

There are many reasons for the frictional resistance of the dynamometer. For example, there is dirt between the force measuring cylinder and the force measuring piston. The viscosity of the oil is too large. The friction of the driven needle on the indicating device is large, and the gear tooth is oily and dirty. The upper limit piece of the object or the toothed rod is pressed too tightly, and the force measuring piston belt is worn and broken.

3, elimination method

For the occurrence of the above error, first check whether the test machine is installed horizontally, and level the horizontal direction of the main engine with the frame level on both sides of the working cylinder. Adjust the level of the dynamometer before and after the dynamometer on the front of the pendulum, align the edge of the pendulum with the inner scribe line, and adjust the left and right horizontal level of the body with the horizontal ruler on the side of the oscillating bar. The oil in the cylinder can be drained and replaced with oil of suitable viscosity. The dynamometer indicating device has too much friction from the moving needle, and the gear rack is too dirty. It can be cleaned with gasoline and adjust the pressing screw and the upper limit plate of the rack. The belt on the force measuring piston can be replaced, which can eliminate the error. To make the tensile machine reach the qualified state of use.

The above is some knowledge of the pipe testing machine shared by Shanghai Tingyi Instrument & Meter Technology Co., Ltd., I hope everyone can understand and understand the pipe testing machine more deeply.

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