Smart bracelets into children's toys to keep up with high technology

   [ Sino-foreign toy network September 7th] Now the technology products are gradually moving towards intelligence, smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars, etc. With the emergence of smart bracelets, the children have brought the gospel and enriched the children. Imagination, increase the fun of children!

Smart bracelet into a child toy

The smart bracelet can release the imagination of the children without the need of toys, killing two birds with one stone. After the wristband is worn on the hand, the wristband is connected to the smart device terminal wirelessly, the wristband can recognize the hand motion, and feed the information back to the smart terminal device, and the terminal device emits a corresponding sound.

This product, classified as a wearable smart toy, is a bracelet that allows users to turn everything into fun magical items. Moff can be detected by a three-axis acceleration/ gyro sensor on the bracelet. The user's waving action, and timely play the corresponding interesting sound on the speaker on the bracelet, for example, even if you just picked up a bland dry branch on the ground, just put the wrist on the wrist Moff, after connecting to the app of the mobile phone via Bluetooth 4.0 and selecting the sound effect, can transform the branch into a magic wand like a Harry Potter movie to play.

Children's smart bracelet

A Moff sound bracelet that turns everything into a fun toy. This fun toy is also fixed in a different way than the wearable products that are commonly found on the market. Moff is like a toy bracelet that can be attached to the hand when you are a child, except for the light. No matter the power button of the number and the opening of the speaker, only the replacement of the CR2032 battery opening is quite simple. Developers have already provided Moff with a lot of interesting sound effects, including guitar, tennis, airplane, toy gun, toy sword sound, etc., and since the phone is used to set the sound on the bracelet, so I want to add more in the future. More special sound effects are not difficult.

Children's smart bracelet

In terms of specifications, Moff's battery can support about 30 hours of play time. The system support for the app is currently only iOS, and the device needs to be on iPhone4s, iPad (4Gen) and iPadmini. At present, they have started to raise funds at Kickstarter. Interested friends should be able to support and get this interesting smart bracelet at the cost of US$49 (about 300 yuan). Moff's smart toy is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, hoping to have enough money to make the team's ideas come true.

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