Blood smear pretreatment

1. Blood collection 1 Collection of blood specimens a, capillary blood collection method b, venous blood collection method c, blood collection from the human body is often taken from the edge of the earlobe or the side of the ring finger 2 Common blood sample anticoagulant and its use selection a, sodium citrate ( Sodium citrate); b, sodium oxalate (sodium salt of oxalic acid); c, oxalate anticoagulant; d, heparin (sulfate polysaccharide containing sulfate group); e, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid ( EDTA) Salt 3 The first drop of blood is discarded, and a blood drop of about 3 mm diameter is taken from one end of the slide to keep the slide horizontal. 2, smear 1 slide preparation a, slide: take a new slide or generally use the slides first boiled with washing powder aqueous solution for 2 minutes, and then rinsed with running water, then soaked and turned through the cleaning solution, After about 1 hour or overnight, rinse repeatedly with running water and finally soak in 95% alcohol for about 1 hour. Remove and wipe the edge of the slide with a clean cloth to dry or use a sterile disposable slide. b, coverslips: generally use new coverslips. c. Push the slide: Take another clean slide with a flat edge for the slide or directly take a cover slip for the slide. 2 Push the film: Keep the slide glass at a 30-degree angle with the slide glass, and move it back slightly in the direction of 1 to contact with the blood drop. You can see the blood spread along the lower edge of the push piece, and then follow the glass at a certain uniform speed. The plane of the sheet slides smoothly in the direction of 2 until the blood has spread the blood film. 3 blood smear quality evaluation: uniform, thick, head tail, edge, both sides (note: large blood drops, fast speed, large angle → blood film thickness) 3, staining 1 blood film to dry out before dyeing, otherwise Easy to fall off when dyeing. 2 Use a crayon to scribe on both ends of the blood film and lay it flat on the staining stand. 3 The dyeing time is related to the dyeing solution concentration, room temperature and the number of cells. Generally, the dyeing solution is light and the dyeing time is longer. 4 The dye solution should not be too small to prevent evaporation and precipitation. 5 Do not pour off the dye solution before rinsing. It should be flushed with running water to prevent dyeing. The rinsing time cannot be long. 6 Dyeing is too light and can be counterstained. 7 Dyeing too deep can be washed or soaked with water, and can also be decolorized with methanol. 4. Microscopic inspection 1 Turn on the main power and adjust the illumination. 2 Place the stained slide on the stage. 3 First observe with a 10× objective lens, turn the coarse handwheel, and see the blood smear. Turn the fine-tuning handwheel to get a clear image. 4 Place the objective lens to be used in the light path, and adjust the focal length of the blood smear with the coarse adjustment and fine adjustment knob. 5 When using oil mirror observation, add cedar oil to the observation part of the blood smear, and adjust the focal length with coarse adjustment and fine adjustment knob. 6 Record the observations. 7 Observed with oil mirror, the end of the experiment, you must wipe the lens with a little xylene with a mirror paper. 8 Turn off the power switch. 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Multifunctional Children's Study Table Chair Set

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