How to remove the common seven types of wrinkles?

How to remove the common seven types of wrinkles?

People's skin always wrinkles, do you know what wrinkles are on your face? What are the ways to remove wrinkles on your face?

The first category: the law pattern

The descriptive pattern is located on both sides of the nasolabial, and two symmetrical stripe paths extending from the sides of the nose to the corner of the mouth, which have a concave surface. Obvious law lines often make you look aging and harsh, giving you a sense of distance.

The second category: eye wrinkles

Eye wrinkles include crow's feet and eye bags. The skin around the eyes contains only a small amount of fat. It is the thinnest skin on the face. It is easily edematous and extremely fragile. The first wrinkles we find on the face are often crow's feet.

The third category: heads up

The head-up pattern is a typical dynamic wrinkle, which is formed by excessive contraction of the forehead muscle. It is also one of the first true wrinkles on the face. People with raised heads tend to give people a sense of aging and toil.

The fourth category: Sichuan word pattern

The Sichuan word pattern is a pattern between the two eyebrows. It is produced by the action of frowning and is also a dynamic wrinkle. The Sichuan word pattern will leave an impression of depression, depression and pain.

The fifth category: neck stripes

The neck has always been a neglected part, but in fact the neck skin is thinner than the face, and wrinkles are more likely to form in autumn and winter.

The skin of the neck is very thin and fragile, especially the sebaceous glands and sweat glands in the skin in front of the neck are only one-third of the face, less sebum secretion, and more prone to water shortage and wrinkles. There are usually two types of wrinkles in the neck, one is the early aging wrinkles, which began to appear in teens, and the wrinkles are usually not obvious. Another type of wrinkle is deepened with age, and this wrinkle may be very noticeable. Especially if you are usually "fixed" in sitting position, lack of exercise, and gain weight, the lines will appear earlier. One year old, the neck will also appear slack, lack of water, and a sense of contour loss.

The sixth category: the overall texture of the face

Although dynamic wrinkles are mainly formed by changes in expression, the skin is dry in autumn and winter, and it is easier to form expression lines than usual!

The seventh category: the overall relaxation of the face

Just as the happiness of the world is similar, the misfortunes of the world have their own misfortunes; the firmness has only a uniform appearance like a smooth egg, but it does not involve many skin problems. Sometimes, when you don't realize that a skin problem is related to firming the skin, the firmness has already left you.

Even if the weight does not increase, the original clear face of the melon has a double chin, no longer angular. This is also caused by the skin beginning to become slack. Due to the looseness, the skin began to sag under the influence of gravity, and the slim chin piled up the excess cortex, and the highest point of the face was also moved downstream. This is precisely because the skin has two proteins in the dermis: collagen and elastin, which support the skin to make it full and firm. After the age of 25, these two proteins are naturally reduced due to the aging process of the human body, the supporting force of the skin is also reduced, the elasticity is lowered, and slack and wrinkles appear.

To achieve youth, just filling is not enough. Collagen is not only a filler, but also a skin nutrition supplement. It has the functions of moisturizing, repairing, whitening and nutrition while removing wrinkles, shaping and facial lifting. It is a true nutritional skin filler...

Contoured three-dimensional carving: rhinoplasty, lip, chin, abundance of the forehead, depression filling, face-lifting, thin chin and so on.

Facial wrinkle lifting: crow's feet, head lines, law lines, apple muscle sagging, sagging jaw skin, sagging corners, etc.

Deeply nourishing skin: maintain skin moisture, repair damaged tissue, whiten and lubricate skin, and nutritional anti-aging.

Hyaluronic acid is a non-invasive maintenance method that is popular all over the world and is safe and degradable. More than 15,000,000 people use clinically, and All-Star recommends new generation maintenance experts!

Strong wrinkle sharpener: forehead, eyebrow lines, crow's feet, nasolabial folds, tears, perioral lines, etc.

Micro-sculpture shaped products: breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, Feng chin, Feng Er Luo and other contour molding.

Fused plane depression: frontal filling, abundance of temples, abundance of cheeks, filling of eye sockets, filling of depressed scars, etc.

Super moisturizing: easy to lock the skin moisture, deep hydrating, long-lasting moisturizing, moisturizing and smooth skin, full of elasticity.

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