How to maintain the constant temperature and humidity test box

The constant temperature and humidity test chamber has been widely used in such industries as national defense science and technology, chemical electronics, hardware and plastics, and machinery manufacturing. However, in the survey, it was found that the use and maintenance of the constant temperature and humidity chamber were not appropriate, resulting in a decrease in the service life. Today Kunshan Haida precision instrument personnel here summarizes some necessary measures to teach our customers how to use and maintain a constant temperature and humidity test chamber.

1. When using the test box, it must be ensured that it is a safe and reliable ground, so as to avoid electrostatic induction;

2. Circuit breakers and over-temperature protectors This protection device, which provides test articles and the operator's personal safety, must be regularly checked in detail;

3. Clean and protect the exterior of the constant temperature and humidity chamber

1 The constant temperature and humidity test chamber should be cleaned of external impurities before being held.

2 The inside of the box must also be cleaned more than once a year. When cleaning, wipe it with soap and water.

3 The power distribution room should be cleaned at most once a year or more. When it is clean, vacuum cleaners can be used to suck the room dust.

4, constant temperature and humidity test box search over-temperature maintenance of constant temperature and humidity during the operation of the box, overheating maintenance set the highest value plus 20 °C ~ 30 °C. When the temperature in the execution box rises to the over-temperature maintenance set point, the heater power supply is suspended. The “OVERHEAT” over-temperature warning light is on but the fan is still running. If it is running for a long time and no one observes it, be sure to run it before operation. It is true that an over-temperature maintenance device can be searched and it can be set to be robust [the wet-bulb over-temperature maintenance device is set to 120°C].

5. Unless you have to open the door as a last resort, please do not open the door. Otherwise it may cause adverse consequences: the inside of the door still maintains high temperature, high temperature air may trigger a fire alarm and cause mistakes, high temperature moisture out of the box In addition, the switch cabinet has certain damage to the compressor during the experiment. Unless the test requires, customers are not advised to switch frequently during the experiment.

6. If the rubber bleeder valve is difficult to rotate, apply proper amount of grease to it.

7. Search and protection of the humidifier in the constant temperature and humidity test box The storage in the humidifier should be changed once a month to ensure that the water quality is clean. The humidifying water tray should be cleaned once a month to ensure smooth water flow.