[Wardware cabinet size] How big is the size of the bedroom closet cabinet?

[Chinese wardrobe network] [difficulties] Now the wardrobe , generally there will be a wall cabinet at the top. Many friends would be unfamiliar with the word cabinet if they didn't get married and didn't buy furniture. In fact, the closet of the closet is the cabinet above the closet, the size is similar to the ordinary drawer, but this depends on the size of the closet. Generally, every wardrobe has a wall cabinet, and some towels or folded clothes can be placed. So, how big is the size of the bedroom closet cabinet?

[Question] How big is the size of the bedroom closet cabinet?

Wardrobe wall cabinet size

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I believe many of my friends know that the height of the general wardrobe is about 4.4 meters, so there will be a certain distance from the roof. If you have a closet in the closet, you can use the remaining space. Since the size of the closet cabinet is not the same, how to place the cabinet is also subject to the situation.

In general, the height of the wardrobe will not reach 2.4 meters. This is a convention that is customary. Because if it is too high, it is not allowed to go into the room. Therefore, on the top of the closet, there will be 30 to 40 centimeters of space, and this part of the space is generally smart to put some suitcases and the like, and it is easier to hide dust than it is easy to clean. Therefore, if there is a wall cabinet, the space on the upper floor can be fully utilized, which not only increases the storage space, but also makes it easy to clean the room.

The lower edge of the general bedroom cabinet is at least 1700mm from the ground, and the depth of the cabinet should not exceed 300mm, so that it will not feel depressed and convenient for people to get things in the cabinet. The load-bearing effect of the bedroom wall cabinet is better, because the average family will hang it on the wall and put it on the closet.

And because the size of each wardrobe is different, the size of the closet cabinet is also different. This is the size of the room. In general, the size of the wall cabinet is the same as the wardrobe. After the wardrobe is completed, the cabinets are made according to the size of the wardrobe.

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