Analysis of Different Standards of Track and Field Design

Any city that has held a national sports meeting will lead to the construction and renovation of a number of local sports facilities. For a time, the construction and reconstruction of a sports ground with plastic surfaces has become a fashion for stadium construction. The various standard and beautiful plastic surface sports fields constitute a beautiful landscape on the sports front.


Overall plan and site layout of the stadium

Stadiums with football fields and track and field events are the most popular and comprehensive venues. This type of venue covers a large area. The venue includes all track events on the football field and the 400m standard runway and all other field competitions, necessary buffer zones and site traffic routes. The layout of the venue directly affects the site of the stadium and affects the design of the gaze of the stadium stands. Therefore, in the overall planning of the stadium, the layout of the sports venue is a problem that should be considered first.

In the past, in the design of stands, the runway was the most commonly used point of view. The main reason was that the layout of the stadium was unclear when the stands were designed. Actually, the track and field sports were not all arranged on the inner side of the track because the track and field runways were generally Ball games are arranged. In the two semi-circular areas inside the track circle, all fields cannot be evenly arranged. Usually, long-distance running distance or pole vault places are arranged on both sides of the east-west straight. . If the design of the stands' sight line is based on the outside of the runway, the auditorium cannot fully see the races on the outside of the track. If the stand position is fixed, adjusting the position of the viewpoint will often result in the stands being too steep. Audience use inconvenience. In addition, the overall layout should fully consider the reasonable distance between the stadium and the audience stands. The north and south stands should consider the sufficient length of the javelin runway. The west stand should consider the required position of the finish line and the timetable on the court. Otherwise, it will cause the javelin runway to fail to meet the requirements of international competitions, and the time can only be marked in the stands. The seats are used by the referee to reduce the number of seats in the audience and make the referee work more susceptible to the audience. Therefore, when designing a stadium, there are three aspects:

1. In the overall layout of the stands, the layout of track and field facilities at the track and field venues should be conducted at the same time.

The stands are set for watching sports competitions. Since the stadium is used comprehensively, the stands should meet the requirements for watching the competition. Before the design of the stand, the layout of the various facilities of the track and field venue should be determined according to the functional positioning of the stadium, and then the stands should be designed according to the viewing requirements of the normal viewing of the various matches, and there should be sufficient space between the stands and the stadium. In order to ensure the normal conduct of various sports competitions and referees.

2. Reasonably choose the radius of the track field to meet the overall layout requirements.

With the increasingly tense use of land, it is quite difficult to choose a large enough open space to build the stadium. Given the limited land use, the reasonable choice of the radius of the track and field field can minimize the plight of the stadium not meeting all sports events.

When considering the design requirements of the track and field, it is first necessary to determine the radius of the track. The radius of the runway is not unique. There are usually many sizes to choose from. The commonly used ones are 36.0m, 36.5m, and 37.898m. Most of the venues newly built at the 8th National Games are 400m round track and field track with a radius of 37.898m. The advantage of such track and field is that the radius of the curve is relatively large, which is conducive to the running of athletes. Straight sections and curved sections of the runway are all integers to facilitate the layout of the track event facilities. However, due to its large radius, the width of the entire site is relatively large. If the venue conditions are not considered, a single choice of 37.898m radius will result in a sports ground. The open space between the grandstand and the grandstand of the main stand is relatively small, and the line-of-sight is also too close to it. The layout of field race facilities on the outside of the track is tense.

The 400m round track and track track with a radius of 36.50m is currently used less frequently in China. Compared with the track field with a radius of 37.898m, the curve has the advantage that the curve can also be adapted to athletes' running. The inside of the track includes a 68mX105m. Outside the standard football field, all the throwing facilities can be accommodated, and the east-west direction occupies a small area. When the venue is limited by the east-west direction, the radius of the curve is selected to be 36.50m, which can appropriately slow down the rising slope of the stands. Improve the audience's line of sight. The 36.50m radius of the circular runway is referred to as the “400m standard runway” in the Athletics Manual prepared by the IAAF. The manual recommends that the “400m elliptical runway” has a “preferably 36.50m” radius. Shanghai Middle School recently used a 400-meter round track and field track with a radius of 36.50m when building a track and field track, which relieved the original tighter venue.

The curve radius of 36.0m is also more commonly used. Many middle schools and universities use more track and field. Its east-west direction occupies a smaller area, and is particularly used in those venues where the direction of things is too narrow.

It can be seen that the radius of the curve has a great influence on the layout of the venue. When considering the overall layout of the stadium, it is necessary to fully consider the visual requirements of the audience of multiple competition facilities according to different conditions of the base and choose the radius of the curve of the stadium according to local conditions.

3. Reasonable positioning, layout of various competition facilities according to the existing conditions.

There are usually two situations:

First, in the design of the track and field reconstruction, the site is subject to large restrictions and it is not possible to change the surrounding buildings or structures to meet the facility layout of the track and field. In this case, it should not be emphasized that the field facilities should be arranged on the outside of the track, and the two semi-circular areas in the curve of the track should be used as far as possible to meet the requirements of the competition. In addition, according to actual conditions, the function of the stadium should be positioned and the track and field facilities should be selected as required. If all the track and field facilities are arranged blindly, it is easy to cause waste.

The second is that the stadium stands have been positioned. The spectator's line-of-sight view takes the outermost runway sideline. If a long-distance or pole vaulting facility is arranged outside the runway, it is obviously not appropriate because the audience in the back row cannot see the matches of these items. In this case, these field events should also be placed in the two semicircular areas of the stadium as much as possible to ensure that the audience can see all the events within the track.

Of course, the above two situations are all in the last resort. Generally, we hope that the design of the venue and the layout of the stands can be considered in a unified manner. The design of the stands in the stands cannot be based solely on the sidelines of the outside runways, but also on the outside of the runway. Long jump, long jump, pole vault and higher items allow the audience to see all the track and field event.

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