Portable weather station weather station detection principle

便携式气象站 气象站检测原理

The automatic weather station is used for on-the-spot monitoring of weather elements, wind speed, rainfall, temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, and sunshine speed; solar radiation, soil temperature, soil moisture and other nine meteorological elements. With mobile phone weather message function, it can communicate with meteorological center computer through various communication methods (wired, digital radio, GPRS mobile communication, etc.), and transmit meteorological data to the meteorological center computer weather database for statistical analysis and processing.

The automatic weather station is composed of meteorological sensors, micro-mechanical data acquisition instruments, power supply systems, light shutters, field protection boxes and stainless steel brackets. The wind speed and direction sensors are weather-specific sensors with high precision and high reliability. The microcomputer meteorological data acquisition instrument has meteorological data acquisition, real-time clock, weather data timing storage, parameter setting, friendly human-machine interface and standard communication function. Widely used in meteorology, environmental protection, airports, agriculture, forestry, hydrology, military, warehousing, scientific research and other fields.

Real-time monitoring of nine elemental meteorological parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, temperature, humidity, air pressure, sunshine speed, solar radiation, soil temperature and soil moisture

Microcomputer meteorological data acquisition instrument has functions such as meteorological data acquisition, real-time clock, timing storage, parameter setting, parameters and meteorological historical data power-down protection.

Chinese character LCD keyboard man-machine interface, friendly man-machine interface.

Mobile phone weather messaging function.

Standard RS232/485 communication function, support MODBUS communication protocol, can form a meteorological monitoring system with meteorological computer through various communication methods such as wired, mobile wireless GPRS and wireless data transmission radio.

Power systems have many ways of power, DC and solar systems.

It adopts all-stainless steel bracket and field protection box, which is beautiful in appearance, corrosion-resistant and anti-interference.

System Features

Power system: wind and solar hybrid power supply system, AC 220V, DC 5V, 12V, solar energy, etc., can also be selected according to user needs.

Reliable operation in a variety of harsh field environments, low power consumption, high stability, high precision, unattended.

Perfect protection measures such as lightning protection and anti-interference.

The hardware and software are modular and open design, which can be combined flexibly.

Weather sensors can be selected as needed.

Communication methods can be selected as needed.

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