Plastic track and field field ground plastic cover and need to do edge processing location

Plastic track field ground, where do edge processing?

Due to the large number of construction materials for track and field venues, most of them are open-air venues. Around the plastic surface, there will be many flashing phenomena, such as drains, sand pits, obstacle pools, etc., if they are not connected to the grass-roots level. During the process, the flash edge will naturally expand and tilt quickly, and it will cause extensive damage. The best way to do this is to wrap the base or concrete structure with a plastic surface, as shown in the figure.


Plastic edging schematic

1—Plastic Surface Layers; 2—Concrete Concrete Roads; 3—Asphalt Concrete Base Layers; 4—Ring Ditch Cover Plates;

What is a movable plastic cover?

There are many underground buildings in the track field, such as inspection wells for water supply, drainage, electricity, and communications. All of them have cast iron manhole covers. Because the movers are on the ground, they often step on cast iron manhole covers, which is prone to injury accidents. The shape, color, etc. are also not uniform and even more unsightly. Therefore, in the field of plastic track and field, all the covers of the inspection wells must be covered with equal-sized plastic covers, which not only protects the safety of the athletes, but also plays a significant role in the aesthetics of the entire site.

The thickness of the plastic cover is generally 9~10mm. Before construction, it is required to check the height of each professional well cover. The control requirements are very strict, and it is better to be equal to the asphalt concrete base layer.

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