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Home decoration design is a manifestation of mankind's pursuit of a better living life. It is not difficult to find from the building complex of Zhongbanpo Village in the Yellow River Basin and the "Earth Building" house built in the Yangtze River Basin. Try to be safe, comfortable and beautiful in space decoration. The tiles can best achieve the effect you want when you are at home. I will take you to understand what Huida tiles are and the price of Huida tiles.

Huida tiles

Tangshan Huida Ceramics (Group) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982 and has a 30-year history by 2012. Over the course of thirty years, Huida Group has witnessed the ups and downs of ceramic brands in the market.

Huida Group is not only a leader in the ceramic industry, but also a leader in the bathroom industry. Huida tiles continue to create reliable, environmentally friendly and fashionable products, bringing consumers a high-grade life enjoyment. Huida Ceramics has gradually formed a nationwide large-scale ceramic enterprise group with diversified, serialized, multi-variety, and complete supporting production and management of sanitary ceramics, wall tiles, hardware accessories and so on. Huida Ceramics is not only a national inspection-free product, but also the first enterprise in the national building and sanitary ceramics industry to receive these three national top titles.

How about Huida tiles

Huida ceramic tiles use glaze imported from Italy to produce polished tiles and antique tiles. The tile products have high bending strength and good wear resistance. Antique bricks are one-time temperature firing technology of roller kiln, which adopts dry edging technology of fully enclosed dust removal. The material is fine, using white blank, the glaze is delicate and soft, and the glaze is dried with dry particles, which has good anti-slip properties. Huida ceramic tile has a high cost performance, suitable for mass consumption, and its production process has higher quality requirements than similar products on the market.

Huida tile price

1. Huida Ceramic Tile G6100 600 * 600mm 68.00 yuan / piece

2. Huida polished tiles PA8008C 800 * 800mm 47.52 yuan / piece

3. Huida PH8615C 800 * 800mm 98.00 yuan / piece

4. Huida Antique Brick G6826 600 * 600mm 129.00 yuan / piece

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