Blue Ocean opportunities emerging from the bottling market

Beer, liquor, wine, rice wine. The variety of drinks on the market is already abundant. However, we have overlooked a kind of wine that is self-brewing. In recent years, various problems have emerged with the food market. People are not assured that the various brands of drinks on the market are getting more and more months. Since winemaking is not only a farmer, many urban families have also become popular.

For wine bottle manufacturers, since the bottling market is a field that many of our manufacturers have neglected. As the demand for brewing continues to grow, the market space for brewing bottles will continue to be released. In this case, because there are very few manufacturers entering this field, the market has presented a new blue ocean. Since wine bottles differ from traditional bottle sales, they are more often sold to families. Different from the business-to-business transactions, this kind of sales for individual households needs to establish a new system in the sales system of wine bottles. Therefore, taking the lead in this market and building brands will have great opportunities.

At the same time, the basic appearance of the bottle styles on the market is relatively fixed, and there are also many problems that need to be improved, and it is easier to win the favor of the market.

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