How to use the infrared thermometer to diagnose equipment failure

Main use: JZ-3000M infrared thermometer is a high-performance micro-processing control technology for object temperature measurement. It is equipped with a visual optical sighting system. It has high measurement accuracy, good stability and fast response. It can be widely used. Rapidly non-contact measurement of the surface temperature of objects in industries such as bright metal processing. This product has the characteristics of low energy consumption and low consumables, which reduces the pollution to the environment while ensuring excellent performance.

Main Specifications:

Temperature range 600°C——3000°C Measurement accuracy ±1% Spectral response 1.0 um Resolution 1°C Repeatability ±0.5% Aiming mode coaxial optical aiming display keeps display for 8 seconds Distance factor 150:1 Emissivity 0. L0——1.0 Adjustable Synchronous Display Maximum, Minimum, Temperature Difference, Average Instrument Function Upper and Lower Limit Alarm Temperature, °C/°F Standard Conversion, Backlight Use Environment Condition -18°C——60°C Power Supply 1 Section 9V Lamination Battery size 262*213*65 weight

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