Over 50% of merchants participate in furniture trade-in policy

Nowadays, the furniture market has entered the “old-for-new” time. Before the “old-for-new” service desks and customer service centers in various home stores, there are more and more consumers who come to consult the activity policies and fill in the old-fashioned certificates of Beijing furniture.

Launched for nearly two weeks

Market status activities can be seen everywhere

When reporters visited the furniture sales enterprises in Beijing that participated in the “old-for-new” business last week, they found that the propaganda banners, posters, event rules and procedures for the “old-for-new” activities of furniture were all over the home shopping malls. At home and in the home market, the reporter noticed that almost all the furniture price tags of the merchants involved in the "trade-in" activities were replaced with the format price tags with the words "furniture trade-for-new", and the merchant stores also set up a unified price. The small brand that issued the “10% subsidy for the brand's participation in the home and the old-fashioned furniture.”

Merchant participation rate is over 50%

Some home stores such as Shilihe Shilihe Store and Jimei Home Dinghuisi Store, their staff told reporters that more than 90% of furniture merchants are participating in “trade-in”, while Red Star Meikailong West Fourth Ring Store will be The participating brands are listed on the tips board. The reporters have counted that the furniture merchants who participated in the “old-for-new” business just exceeded 50%.

Quantity, category one to one

During the visit to the “old-for-new” pilot in November last year, the reporter found that some brands accepted the “new bed for new sofas (sofa decoration renderings) (sofa decoration renderings) in order to deal with more orders. However, in the 9 home shopping malls in Beijing, the furniture brand sales personnel who participated in the “old-for-new” activities unanimously stated that they need to strictly follow the regulations, not only the quantity but also the categories. "This time, the special recycling enterprises designated by the Municipal Commercial Committee will dismantle the old furniture submitted one by one, and the requirements are strict. We can't do it." The staff of the Oriental Parkson brand store told reporters.

Special product samples do not participate

The reporter recorded that among the 11 furniture brands visited by the five stores, except for one brand that specializes in custom furniture, the promotion products of four furniture brands such as Huari Home, Top 100 International Home, Wood Forest, and Nanbeijia Special samples are not included in the event. “Because special products have already lowered the price to a minimum, consumers can no longer enjoy any preferential policies.” Sales staff told reporters that the prices of special products and samples are far lower than the “trade-in system” of the “Commodity Information” system. “Clear price” is another important reason why such goods cannot participate in activities.

Double discount is not a low discount

In a local furniture dealership in Beijing called Yizhifang, the reporter encountered such a situation, a gold walnut dressing table with an original price of 9660 yuan, if consumers do not participate in the "trade-in" activities, you can enjoy a 6.8 fold Special offer, the transaction price is 6568 yuan; but if you participate in the "old-for-new", then consumers can only get a 20% discount, that is, the "clear price" of 7,728 yuan, and then enjoy the "old-for-new" 10% subsidy, equivalent The actual payment of 6955.2 yuan is more than three hundred yuan higher than not participating in the "old-for-new". When buying a product in a furniture store called Lokayi, the reporter also encountered a similar incident, which shows that this situation is not a case.

New and old furniture, consumers in different places need to take care of themselves

When visiting the store, Ms. Zhang, who was signing the contract, told reporters that her family’s old furniture was in Fangshan’s old house, but the new furniture was sent to the new house in Shunyi. Although Ms. Zhang has made it clear that she will give the furniture company reasonable shipping costs, the merchant still asks Ms. Zhang to pull the old furniture to the location of the new furniture. The salesperson told the reporter that it was not a question of freight, but that it would delay the time for the subsequent consumers to deliver the goods on time. "After all, we are not only one car to pull a piece of furniture," he said.

In response to this situation, Red Star Macalline specifically made provisions: when the delivery address is inconsistent with the recycling of the old furniture address, the customer will deliver the order and the ID card to the designated storage location by themselves; Jimei Home refers to the description of the activity. Jimei can provide paid recycling services, and customers can also send their old furniture to a designated location.

Business perspective

Some people say that furniture "trade-in" is only related to home stores, but has little to do with furniture companies. As an important part of the furniture market, how do furniture companies view their relationship with “trade-in”?

Focus on doing the "new and old" work

Zhou Kaijun, General Manager of Feimei Furniture

This activity is a good thing for the furniture company, the enthusiasm of the store sales staff has improved, and the sales flow is also better.

We are willing to actively cooperate with the store to carry out the work, mainly to do the recycling service of old furniture. Here, I would like to remind consumers who are about to participate in the “old-for-new”, and be sure to prepare the old furniture when the manufacturer sends new furniture, avoiding the situation that “old furniture is still in use and can not be given for a while.”

Furniture business costs or increase

Zheng Xianchao Century Jingzhou Furniture Chairman

The furniture shopping mall belongs to the circulation industry. The manufacturers belong to the operation level. The policy is biased towards the former. The latter has insufficient participation and discourse power. In particular, it may also cause a large part of the furniture enterprises to increase the tax burden and increase the original cost, such as the 10% subsidy. The tax is borne by the merchant.

Limited impact on high-end furniture sales

Zhu Guangyu, Executive Deputy General Manager of Peugeot Furniture

High-value furniture goods are not brought up by the “trade-in” policy, and the 1,000-yuan subsidy ceiling will not have much impact on consumers’ purchasing decisions.

In addition, some of the old furniture in the homes of the consumers themselves have a higher value, they are certainly not willing to use for "new", so I think that "old-for-new" is not so obvious to this part of the consumer group.


Subsidy conversion cycle

If the consumer has a certain piece of furniture, and this product is sold in many stores, and can participate in the "old-for-new", then how can the store attract this single transaction to its own site?

The price of the same brand in Beijing is the same, the “old-for-new” subsidy is the same, and the after-sales service of the product is the same, but the difference is that there are differences in the conversion period of subsidies for each sales enterprise. Some insiders have concluded that the redemption cycle of subsidies may become one of the important criteria for consumers to choose to sell. If the sales company can shorten this cycle, it may become a magic weapon to win more "trade-in" share.

At present, the exchange cycle of each sales company is not the same. Last year, I participated in the “home-for-new” pilot project. The subsidy exchange period is 1 to 2 weeks after the delivery of the old furniture, and the blue-view home is about 10 days. However, some new sales companies that have joined the "old-for-new" team are more cautious. The reporter saw in the "Euro Exchange" trade-in "propaganda leaflet copy", the company stipulated that: the subsidy must be paid by the customer first, and the old furniture should be delivered to the designated company for dismantling and filing, and then notify the customer to receive the return subsidy. . The reporter further inquired that the relevant personnel said that this process may take about one month. In the introduction of the implementation rules for furniture “home-for-new” at home and in the United States, for the issuance of subsidies, the agreement of the enterprise is: After the relevant information and information are entered into the commercial committee system for review and confirmation, the subsidy will be paid directly to the purchaser. The specified bank account provided. However, when the reporter asked further, Wang Hongkai, director of Jiahe Jiamei Business, said that the actual operation was not so complicated. As long as the consumer's information meets the requirements of the Municipal Commercial Committee, the subsidy can be paid to the consumer immediately. "About a day or two."

According to Liu Liyuan, general manager of Suning Yunshang Chain Management Platform, who participated in the “old-for-new” appliance, they can get subsidies the next day after consumers buy home appliances. The reason for this is that the company has improved the ERP system to enable it to interface with the city's commercial management system. In fact, the participation of enterprises in “trade-in” means that a large amount of information needs to be integrated, which is the huge amount of input, which delays the period of subsidies received by consumers. “We have added new modules to the original system. All the products that participate in the trade-in are equipped with a barcode. The operator can display the information by scanning the code, eliminating the need for manual entry, which not only simplifies the process, but also facilitates consumers. More importantly, it shortens the cycle of subsidies for consumers.” This practice has also won many customers for the company.


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