Huizhou multi-cavity plastic mold hot runner system injection product defect measures

Huizhou multi-cavity plastic mold hot runner system product defects - insufficient filling, underfilling means that the end of the stream appears incomplete or a multi-cavity mold

Partially filled with dissatisfaction. The following analysis of the reasons for the lack of filling and analysis of countermeasures

(1) The material does not have good fluidity, and the material flow cannot fill the entire cavity. Therefore, plastic with good fluidity should be used.

(2) The exhaust gas of the mold or the plastic can not be discharged when the mold is exhausted poorly, causing the pressure at the end of the cavity to be too high, and the material flow cannot fill the cavity.

The vent slot is opened at the end of the melt filling.

(3) The design of the mold casting system is unreasonable. For example, the position of the gate is unreasonable, the size of the gate, and the size of the flow channel are too small, so that the flow of the melt is not smooth, and it will cause material

The flow cannot fill the cavity. The solution is to improve the design of the hot runner and gate of the mold, and to increase the size of the gate and runner.

(4) The material cooled by the forward front clogged the gate, runner, and injection port, resulting in insufficient filling of the product. At this time, the size of the cold well should be enlarged.

(5) The value of nozzle and die R is not the same, so that the effective amount of melt and the effective pressure drop, resulting in insufficient filling, and the nozzle should be guaranteed to have the same R value.

(6) Feed quantity over the ambassador's effective melt pressure drops, the material flow cannot fill the cavity. The countermeasure is to reduce the supply, and control the lubricant by using the material-saving throttling method.

Overfeed of pellets.

(7) In the molding process, the process parameters such as melt temperature, mold temperature, injection pressure, and injection speed are too low to cause mold filling length.

Shorten the cavity filling. The countermeasure is to increase these parameter values ​​appropriately.

(8) The nozzle temperature is too low, which causes the melt to drop into the mold cavity when the temperature decreases, resulting in a shortened mold length. When opening the mold, the nozzle and the mold should be separated to reduce

The influence of mold temperature on the nozzle keeps the nozzle temperature within the process specification.

(9) The injection stroke is too short to meet the injection volume requirements of the product, resulting in insufficient feeding. At this time, the injection stroke should be adjusted and the particle bridge should be checked.

Supply port or adjust nozzle backflow valve.

(10) In multi-cavity molds, the gating system is arranged in an unbalanced manner, so that the cavity away from the main sprue cannot be filled, and the width dimension of the gate can be adjusted or the various parts can be adjusted.

The runners are of the same length and the gating system is balanced so that the material stream fills the cavity at the same time.

(11) In multi-cavity molds, the injection speed is not set properly at all levels, resulting in insufficient filling of the product. The injection speed should be increased by one level, ie, high-speed injection should be set.

When passing the gate, reduce the injection speed and add a long time.

(12) The product design is irrational, the product length is not proportional to the wall thickness, and the melt is easily blocked at the inlet of the thin wall part of the plastic part so that the product is not filled.

foot. This ratio should be adjusted to a suitable value. In general, the wall thickness of plastic parts exceeding 8mm or less than 015mm is disadvantageous to molding and should be avoided.

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