Wu Di tells the modern classical beauty of mahogany furniture

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Modern people are striving for excellence in their home life. Design comes from art and art comes from life. Design, art, and life have always been closely linked and complement each other. Furniture is a must-have item in our lives. The beauty of art and the beauty of design in it are those that we need to savor and perceive. Today, at the scene of Luban Redwood Appreciation Festival, we interviewed Mr. Wu Di, General Manager and Design Director of Shenyang Grand View Design Co., Ltd., to give us a brief description of the design charm of mahogany furniture.

Interview time: July 21, 2013

Interview location: Dadong Hongxing Meikailong "Luban Redwood Appreciation Festival" scene

Interview with the character: Mr. Wu Di, General Manager and Design Director of Shenyang Grand View Design Co., Ltd.

[Reporter]: Hello, Mr. Wu!

[Wu Di]: Hello everyone!

[Reporter]: You are so fond of mahogany furniture, can you talk about the reasons for this?

[Wu Di]: The mahogany furniture has a simple and natural texture from the material, which reflects the cultural characteristics of our ancient Chinese introversion and indifference. Most of China's traditional furniture is dominated by mahogany. From the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, the characteristics of mahogany itself can be best reflected. In the Ming Dynasty, Huanghuali was the mainstay, while in the Qing Dynasty, the rosewood was highly praised. The furniture of these two dynasties basically highlights the Chinese culture's understanding of mahogany, and it is not difficult to understand my love for mahogany as a designer.

[Reporter]: Can you explain from the designer's point of view how the design of mahogany furniture differs from other furniture designs?

[Wu Di]: The most representative of the characteristics of mahogany furniture should be dominated by the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is also close to us, and there are more homes left. Including the museum (the museum decoration renderings) and the folks are mainly based on these two generations, applied to modern design, I personally think that the Ming Dynasty is a priority. Compared with the Qing Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty is more representative of Chinese culture. It is very simple and concise. It is suitable for the structure of modern housing space and can be integrated into our modern life. Such furniture has its value, so it has value. Used in modern home design, it is very suitable to decorate the home. Moreover, he has a cultural atmosphere, no matter from the proportion of the body, the function is not comparable to other furniture. It is the condensed history and culture and the display of culture. For example, the circle chair can be applied to modern homes. The Ming Dynasty circle chairs are beautiful, simple, natural, practical and beautiful. They are perfect in terms of styling. The performance of the wood is very thorough, and it can be said that the fire is pure. Chinese traditional furniture pays attention to "What kind of furniture is used for Shenyang wood?"

[Reporter]: Thank you very much for your wonderful interpretation!

Why mahogany furniture has such a high evaluation and enduring inheritance in the furniture market, Wu’s words gave us a clear answer.

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