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[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Do you always worry about the small space of the wardrobe? The messy wardrobe will often affect the efficiency of your clothes. Especially for the office workers, the morning is more busy, and the wardrobe space is effectively arranged. Subdividing will make your work more efficient, and you won't have to get busy in the morning. Today, Xiaobian will share with you a few wardrobes.

Segmentation space is well organized

The interior design is especially important because there are a lot of clothes, the classification is complicated, and there is not much free time to take care of. Divide the internal partitions, make reasonable planning for each block, coexist with long and short spaces, and size and size to meet the needs of your reasonable placement. In this regard, it is not suitable for careful calculation. If you are worried about the cost and reduce the partition, it will be very inconvenient to use in the future.

Find a special location for each item

Put each piece of clothing in a special position and let everything be ready, not only can visually help decompression, but also reduce the trouble in use. The application of special storage items, drawers of various colors, subdivisions, and division of blocks can make items arranged in an orderly manner, especially those with irregular shapes, such as bags, belts, etc., and should be placed neatly to avoid scattering. Everywhere, creating chaos.

Overall wardrobe

Don't let the corner let go

In life, there may not be a beautiful encounter with "the corner meets love", but it often faces a small flaw that is dirty and messy. Don't neglect the corners of the closet. Many times, accidentally, you will be filled with clothes, shoes and even shopping bags. It is very difficult to organize them until you get out of hand. You can install special cabinet doors in the corner, which has a large opening angle and is convenient for daily finishing. This kind of processing method can make better use of every inch of space.

Wardrobe renderings


Find a fixed position for accessories such as ties, belts, bags, etc., and make the wardrobe look neat. Do not squat too high on the flat clothes, otherwise it will be easy to mess up at the time of extraction. When customizing the wardrobe, don't be sorry, add more layers and drawers, it will be convenient to use in the future. No matter how good the wardrobe design is, it doesn't help to sort it out. Therefore, it is very important to develop a good habit of finishing the wardrobe every week and every season.

In the leisure time of the weekend, tidying up the messy wardrobe is also a good way to clean up your mood, and it will bring convenience to your life, and act quickly for a comfortable and organized life.

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