Kamaishu-supersensitive c-reactive protein

Kamaishu-supersensitive c-reactive protein

Hypersensitive C-reactive protein is a clinical laboratory using ultra-sensitive detection technology, which can accurately detect low-concentration C-reactive protein, improve the sensitivity and accuracy of the test, and is a sensitive indicator to distinguish low-level inflammation status, serum hs-CRP level It is closely related to the occurrence, severity and prognosis of atherosclerosis and acute cerebral infarction (ACI).

Studies have shown that in elderly patients with acute cerebral infarction, those with elevated CRP have a poor prognosis; hs-CRP content is related to the infarct size and the degree of neurological deficit, and it is one of the indicators of the degree of disease in patients with cerebral infarction; and CRP is also involved in The pathological process of thrombosis and arteriosclerosis is one of the risk factors for stroke. The inflammatory reaction of atherosclerotic plaque is an important cause of plaque rupture and instability. During the formation of atherosclerotic plaque, CRP, complement complexes and foam cells are deposited in the arterial wall. Lipoprotein binding activates the complement system, produces a large amount of inflammatory mediators, releases oxygen free radicals, causes vascular intimal damage, vasospasm, and unstable plaque shedding, exacerbates atherosclerosis-induced lumen stenosis, and the occurrence of ACI.

In recent years, more and more evidence shows that low levels of CRP are closely related to other risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia; at the same time, elevated CRP can increase the incidence of heart disease and stroke in patients with hypertension Rate; therefore, CRP is a pro-inflammatory factor associated with the occurrence, evolution, and development of atherosclerosis. Epidemiological investigations also show that people with elevated hs-CRP levels have twice the chance of acute stroke as normal healthy people and three times as likely as those with normal myocardial infarction. In 2003, the European Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Hypertension (ESH / ESC) formally recommended that patients with hypertension should be tested for hs-CRP levels.

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