Top 10 anti-theft door brands in 2018

Anti-theft door is the "first gatekeeper" of home security and shoulders multiple functions such as sound insulation and heat preservation. The daily use rate of anti-theft doors is very high. If it is broken, it is very troublesome. Therefore, consumers must choose brand products with good quality and good reputation when buying. So which anti-theft door brand is good? Let's take a look at the top ten brands of China's defense thieves in 2018.

China's top ten brand security door - daughter

Panpan Anju Co., Ltd. has successively developed and produced Panpan brand fire doors, steel-wood doors, rolling doors, indoor doors, protective windows, fully automatic garage doors, radiators, colored steel sandwich wall panels, steel structures, soundproof screens, stainless steel More than 10 kinds of kitchenware and more than 100 series of new products have won more than 40 national patents. There are eight modern door production enterprises with annual production capacity of 1.5 million tamper-proof doors.

China's top ten anti-theft door brands- Wang Li

Wang Li is a comprehensive company integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing, sales, service, finance, real estate, and international trade. Its leading products are anti-theft doors, anti-theft locks, scooters, electric bicycles, Kitchen Utensils and other products. The Wangli brand anti-theft security door was awarded the China Famous Brand by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and is the only company in the industry that has won six gold medals.

Top ten brands of anti-theft doors in China - Buyang

Buyang Group was founded in 1992 and has 11 internationally advanced modern door production lines. It has formed an annual production capacity of 3.5 million anti-theft security doors. It is the first enterprise in China's security door industry that also has three authoritative medals of Chinese famous brand products, Chinese well-known trademarks, and national inspection-free products, and is rated as China's top 100 most powerful companies.

China's top ten anti-theft door brands- Xingyue God

Xingyue Door Industry is one of the three major manufacturing bases established by China Xingyue Group. It has many brands such as Xingyue God and Ou Rui. It has obtained national security door quality inspection, Zhejiang famous brand, Zhejiang famous brand, Best-selling brands, Chinese famous brands, Chinese well-known trademarks and other titles. Xingyue Door Industry has 12 production lines and 70 assembly lines for the production of steel, copper, wood, steel, stainless steel and other materials and different manufacturing processes. It has rapidly developed into one of the leading enterprises in the door manufacturing industry in China. One.

China's top ten anti-theft door brands- Qunsheng

Qunsheng Door Industry is a subsidiary of China Qunsheng Group. It is a well-known trademark in China. Qunsheng anti-theft security door has been rated as a famous brand in Zhejiang for 2 consecutive years and won the title of national inspection-free product. Well-known brands.

China's top ten anti-theft door brands- Maxim

Chongqing Meixin (Group) is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on the door industry, covering automobile and motorcycle accessories, new environmental protection building materials, real estate development and other industrial fields. Its door manufacturing products include safety doors, interior doors, fire doors, roller shutter doors, garage doors, bulletproof doors, etc. It is one of the largest and most comprehensive door production enterprises in the country. Maxim's Safety Door was awarded the title of "China Famous Brand" and Maxim's trademark was awarded "China Famous Brand".

China's top ten anti-theft door brands- spring

Spring Group was established in 2002, with the annual output of various anti-theft doors, fire doors, real copper doors, armored doors, non-standard doors, 1.5 million wooden doors and 15 million square meters of wooden floors. The company's main business is to research, develop, manufacture, and sell various high-end doors and wooden floors, and has a complete pre-sale and after-sales service system. More than 2,000 sales outlets cover the whole country. Modern professional enterprise

Ten brands of anti-theft doors in China- Wanjia

Wanjia Security Door is a brand of Shanghai Maoxiang Door Industry Co., Ltd. The company's main business is Wanjia steel doors, Wanjia steel-wood armored doors, Wanjia solid wood doors, Wanjia locks and so on. With the concept of integrity management and sustainable management, we are committed to a first-class installation team to provide customers with the most professional after-sale protection.

China's top ten anti-theft door brands- Feiyue

Feiyue Door Industry is a large-scale modern enterprise specializing in the production of mid-to-high-end doors, steel-wood craft doors, interior door sets, ecological doors, and solid wood doors. , Leading the market trend with quality, innovation and credibility. Feiyue uses a professional production R & D team and a perfect service system to ensure that every door purchased by consumers is worth the money.

China's top ten anti-theft door brands- King Yass

Shanghai Longqing Metal Doors and Windows Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise that always focuses on high-quality art security doors, stainless steel cast aluminum plate carved villa doors, high-end villa doors, steel entrance doors, and fine door series products. . The "Yas King" brand created by the company took the lead in integrating aesthetics into the manufacturing and sales of "doors", changing the traditional concept that "doors" are only anti-theft devices. Its flagship franchise stores are located in major cities in provinces across the country.

Summary: The above is the introduction of the top ten brands of anti-theft doors . When purchasing anti-theft doors, not only the strength of the brand, but also the existence of welding defects in the anti-theft door itself, such as open welding, unwelded, leaking welding, etc .; look at the door leaf Whether the cooperation with the door frame is dense, whether it is flexible to open, etc., you can open more to see how the experience is. I hope that the content shared by the editor can help everyone, and more decoration information is available on this website.

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