The US printing industry is trying to become greener in 2013

The advancement of science and technology directly introduced the digital development model into the printing industry, and printing companies have also turned to digital transformation under the pressure of the economic situation. However, there are still traditional printing companies left behind, but they are widely criticized for their environmental protection problems. Fortunately, the US printing industry has achieved remarkable results in green environmental protection, helping the printing industry become one of the green industries in the world. From the use of environmentally friendly inks to the use of recycled paper, the US printing industry is becoming greener than it has previously saved a lot of forest and tree resources.

One of the big changes is the conversion of special certified papers used in the past to printed paper certified with sustainable forest resources. American printing companies have set a number of exemplary roles in green environmental protection. Some green environmentally-friendly certified consumables can help printing companies bring more business opportunities. Therefore, corporate management needs to learn relevant green and innovative product knowledge to drive customers to green environmental protection. .

The US Sustainable Forestry Initiative certifies sustainable forest development projects or SFI certification, a forest certification program that urges companies to take responsibility for the environment. They advocate the protection of water quality, wildlife and the natural environment. At present, more and more American printing companies are beginning to adopt SFI-certified paper, which means that the paper production process has the "green" feature to achieve safe logging and afforestation.

Plant-based inks The US printing industry is constantly changing to “green” and is clearly more environmentally friendly. Many printing companies also use green and environmentally friendly inks, using plant-based inks instead of environmentally harmful products. The vegetable ink can effectively prevent the harmful gases emitted into the air during the production process of the mixed ink, and bring higher quality air to the natural environment. At the same time, some printing companies also avoid the use of certain printing inks containing heavy metal pigments. Of course, some green printing companies in the United States still use metallic inks in special fields. Despite this, some small and well-known printing companies will not promote in this way, but will guide customers to choose plant-based ink instead of metal ink, and establish a green concept.

Recycling Paper Nowadays, more and more prints are produced from recycled paper to reduce waste. It is believed that printing companies have begun to participate in the recycling program, minimizing cutting machine waste and office waste in production. Plant-based inks can also be recycled very well, so you need to check if the office printer can use the proper method for ink recycling, making the office environment greener.

Prints are greener than digital products. Of course, this view has certain limitations, but there is a lot of data here to illustrate this point.

1. Printed products are greener than digital. Every time the printing industry "cuts down" a tree, three trees will be planted;

2. Digital version readers produce more carbon dioxide than traditional prints;

3. On average, each person uses a computer to consume 2.5 times more energy than the paper used;

4. In the United States, 60% of printed paper products use biofuel resources;

5. Materials used in digital equipment are environmentally harmful, and most paper production processes use non-toxic materials.

In fact, the debate about the harmful effects of printing on the environment has become pale and powerless. However, this does not mean that the prints we use in our daily lives are green. After that, we must educate our citizens and check the natural resources at any time to see if the US printing companies are truly green.

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