Comparison of commonly used paper-feeding methods for Gauss Newsliner presses

newspaper Printing security and timeliness of decision printing can not just stop. Therefore, how to ensure the safety and continuity of the paper in the high-speed operation of the printing press is particularly important. The Goss Newsliner 90 high-speed rotary press (hereinafter referred to as "N90 machine") is one of the fastest printing presses in the domestic newspaper printing industry. It analyzes the working principle of the N90 machine (1562mm paper type) and three commonly used The comparison of the paper-taking methods is a scientific discussion on the optimal paper-carrying method of the N90 machine.

Paper success rate

Under the same conditions, the success rate of the paper is related to the paper-bonding area of ​​the paper roll. The paper receiving area refers to the area of ​​the double-sided tape surrounding the area on the new paper roll. The larger the paper receiving area, the higher the success rate of paper joining, and vice versa. Assume that in the two triangles and the small triangle, the angle between the two paper edges and the paper mandrel is 45°, and the angle between the oblique paper edge and the paper core is 15°, then the paper is taken. The order of the area from large to small is: small triangle mode, big triangle mode, oblique word mode.

Paper joining cost

The paper cost mainly refers to the cost of the double-sided tape and the sticker required during the paper-taking process. According to the on-site statistics, the order of total cost of single-joining from low to high is: small triangle mode, big triangle mode, and oblique word mode.

Production practicality

In the actual production of the N90 machine, the above three paper-feeding methods can normally pick up the paper, but the paper-making success rate is the highest with the small triangle method. This method is also the most used method by the printing enterprises. The success rate of the oblique word-feeding method is lower, and this method is also the least used by printing companies.

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