High-end environmental testing equipment temperature shock test box

Environmental testing equipment is divided into many types of temperature series, damp heat series, salt spray series, and light series, but the temperature shock test box has the highest technical requirements and the price is relatively expensive. The temperature shock test box is mainly for electricians, electronic products, and The adaptability test of the original device and other materials when stored, transported and used under the environment of rapid temperature change. The test equipment is mainly used to perform environmental simulation tests on the physical and other relevant characteristics of the product under the conditions of high temperature and low temperature transient changes according to the national military standard requirements or user-defined requirements. Whether the performance can still meet the predetermined requirements for product design, improvement, identification and factory inspection.

The product is suitable for the safety performance test of electronic components, providing reliability test, product screening test, etc. At the same time, through this equipment test, the reliability of the product and the quality control of the product can be improved. The high and low temperature impact test chamber is an essential test equipment in the fields of aviation, automobiles, home appliances, scientific research, etc., to assess and determine the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic, automotive electrical appliances, materials and other products after the impact of the high and low temperature test on the temperature environment changes , Adaptability to use, suitable for schools, factories, military industry, aerospace, electronics, scientific research and other units

Beijing Yashilin Test Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of various environmental test equipment. The company has advanced design and production capabilities in the temperature shock test chamber.

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