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Young children ’s furniture has higher requirements for environmental protection. They are still in the stage of physical and intellectual development, and they cannot let non-environmental furniture destroy the best time for their growth. Colorful Life Youth and Children's Furniture is a piece of furniture specially created for teenagers. It uses high-quality solid wood and environmentally friendly water-based paint to give children the best choice. Let's take a look at a colorful life S2-BH1042 height bed with the editor to see how the perfect details create a refined life.

Product display:

Appearance: Large storage space on the upper and lower floors

This colorful life height bed is made of pine solid wood. It is thicker than other beds in the choice of plates. It looks more solid and stable. The design of the upper and lower two-layer beds is more space-saving. The stairs next to it can also be used as a storage cabinet. Practical and beautiful. The design of the whole bed is completely based on the characteristics of teenagers and children, adding a childlike element, which is conducive to cultivating their visual beauty.

Climbing to bed to see it is slightly narrower than getting out of bed. The design of the three-sided fence adds space to the surroundings. The fence is slightly higher than the ordinary bed, adding safety performance and ensuring that the child does not fall out of bed during sleep.

Design-Stairs: dual-use options

The design of this bed is more attentive. Let's look at the design of the staircase first: the handrails on both sides of the staircase are very thick, and there is no swaying feeling when shaking by hand, and the stability is good. What is even more pleasant to see is that a storage cabinet is added under the stairs to save space, which can store children's daily necessities and toys and other small items, which is beautiful and practical.

Design-corners: rounded

For the sake of children's safety, this bed is also carefully designed on the corners: look carefully at each corner, the design is more rounded, which can significantly reduce the impact of the collision.

Design-spacing: no sense of depression

This bed also has an obvious advantage in design, that is, it fully considers the accommodating space and improves the application to the highest level. Generally speaking, the design of getting out of bed tends to make the design of getting out of bed more cramped, which makes people feel uncomfortable. However, this colorful life height bed fully considers this point, and fully reserves the space for getting on and off the bed. The adult is on the bed, and there is a certain space between the head and the bed, and there is no sense of depression.

Fence design: higher, more stable and more innocent

The details of the fence fully reflect the care for young children: the fence of this bed is 15cm higher than the fence of the ordinary bed, which increases safety. The design of the fence also fully considers the child's beauty and innocence, and adds a heart-shaped design to make the whole bed childlike. The gap between the fences is also designed very reasonably, and the child will not fall out of the gap.

Bedside design: hollow and ventilated

The design of the head of the bed uses a hollow form to increase the visibility of the bed. The light in the bed can also be radiated clearly and the visibility is high. The hollow design makes the whole bed more ventilated and effectively maintains the air permeability of the solid wood bed.

Paint : Environmentally friendly water-based paint

This bed uses environmentally friendly water-based paint, with water as the only diluent, no irritating odor, no pollution to the environment, the paint film is also very full, with a certain water resistance, wear resistance, yellowing resistance. This paint has ultra-low formaldehyde, ultra-low benzene, xylene, good environmental performance. Touch by hand, it also has a very smooth feel, will not let go.

Row skeleton: stable and breathable

The row skeleton of this bed is also made of solid wood, which is more breathable. The row skeleton frame adopts iron frame, which is more stable and has stronger bearing capacity. It is worth mentioning that a layer of iron frame is added to the place where the row of skeletons is placed, which increases the bearing capacity of the entire bed.

Material: pine solid wood

Generally speaking, pine solid wood has strong elasticity and thermal conductivity, and its breathability is also good. After the furniture is made, it can fully show the true thickness and natural beauty of the material. The natural wood scab that is faintly visible on the surface makes this bed look more natural.

Frame: Stronger and more stable

This bed's all-solid wood frame, traditional rivet structure and modern solid wood technology combine to explain durability and not easy to deform. A closer look at the frame emphasizes the beauty of the lines, and the direct landing design is also more stable.

Thicker sheet

The plate used in this bed is thicker than the plate used in ordinary beds, which effectively increases the stability of the bed and the service life is longer.

Evaluation summary:

This colorful life S2-BH1042 height bed is made of pine solid wood material, while ensuring breathability, it also has a more natural beauty. The environmentally friendly water-based paint used has no irritating smell and does not pollute the environment, giving children a healthy growth space. The design of the upper and lower beds effectively saves space. In the design, every detail is considered from the perspective of safety, and the maximum possible reduction in accidental injuries. The design of the escalator also adds a storage function, which can be said to achieve two benefits.

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