Five things to remember when the server enters the update cycle

Each data center will regularly update the server and important hardware. Enterprises update equipment to improve the stability of the data center, upgrade the corresponding functions, and ultimately achieve the purpose of saving money.

The traditional server update cycle is about once every five years, but in the past ten years, due to the development of new technologies, the speed of server replacement has been accelerated. What is the current server update cycle? The answer may not be very simple, but there are many important factors that prompt the server to update.

Find new server features and functions

When your existing server reaches the update cycle, delaying the update is difficult, or even impossible. Remember that a few years ago, Intel TV and AMD V integrated virtualization technology in the CPU, so the virtualization server (VM) using these CPUs has significantly improved in performance.

The advancement of virtualization technology is not just one aspect of processors. Memory plays an important role in the server virtual environment, because the virtual machine is essentially a disk image that resides in the server's memory. More memory means a higher level of consolidation, and the stability of memory will affect the overall stability of all virtual machines on the server. Therefore, the memory function may include improvements to the error correction code memory, which can expand multiple bit errors on a single memory device across the entire memory device pool. When a memory device is unrecoverable, the added free memory can be allocated to additional Memory devices, and include fault-tolerant memory that maps copied memory contents across devices, similar to RAID 1.

In the future, server functions may include support for new chipsets, which can handle more memory types, faster I / O, higher bus speeds, and so on.

Evaluate the economics of system leasing or leasing

Many enterprises have their own servers, and there are many forms of leases for organizations to choose from, which also allows organizations to obtain newer and more powerful hardware facilities, and at the same time can convert fund-raising expenses into operating expenses. In addition, server vendors offer two alternative payment models for qualified services, such as installment payments.

Enterprises may hesitate to speed up the server hardware update cycle because they are unwilling to invest frequently. In addition, enterprises do not want to frequently deal with replaced hardware devices based on frequent hardware updates. The traditional form of leased server can reduce the burden of enterprise funds and solve the problem of disposing of old hardware.

Find additional computing power of the server

Server virtualization drives the development of processor design and computing power. When the investment allows for a higher level of integration, both the integration project and desktop virtualization can benefit from the server refresh cycle. For example, the Intel E7-2803 server has 6-core and 12-thread Xeon processors, but the new-generation Intel E7-8870 server has 10-core and 20-thread processors. When new generation servers with two or four processor sockets are obtained, the computing power will be further improved.

Find the return on investment in electricity

In the operation cost of data centers, the cost of electricity accounts for the main part, so effectively reducing the cost of electricity will have a beneficial impact on the financial status of the enterprise. Considering the effect of server integration, by replacing the older server system with a powerful server, the enterprise only needs a small part of the system to perform the same calculation. Fewer physical servers require less total power — a cost savings that an enterprise can see every month. Moving to the next-generation server can save enough costs to pay for technology updates.

Dealing with replacement equipment is one of the disadvantages of the updated technology. Virtualization abstracts the workload from the underlying hardware and largely overcomes the dependency of traditional hardware. This provides additional options for older equipment. For example, old equipment can be redistributed for testing and development, moved to work groups or departments to undertake computing tasks, or distributed to branch offices and remote data, and continue to operate as a backup server. These options allow the device to run longer in the enterprise.

Consider improvements in system distribution and cooling

Because the new server provides more capacity in a smaller space, resolving data center space congestion or heat dissipation issues will accelerate server technology updates. For example, the computing power included in your current 4U rack server may provide the same effect as a 1U rack server.

Therefore, new servers with smaller footprints and larger capacities allow data center administrators to redistribute server hardware across rack space. This can improve the cooling air flow pattern and reduce the "hot spots" of the equipment. If you are deploying a cooling device to reduce the operating temperature of the data center, it is recommended to adopt the current American Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineer (ASHRAE) standard, which can reduce cooling costs. In addition, eliminating hot spots can improve the stability of the system, thereby reducing downtime and service interruption.

Five things to remember when the server enters the update cycle

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