The 2016 end of the inventory of 65 Qijia's best-selling building materials

2012 Qijia top selling cabinets TOP brands: Daxin, Yun Yun, Baili Aijia, Aojia, Meiqili

2012 Qijia Hot Flooring TOP Brands: Shuxiangmendi, Hongfa, German Cono, Fang Shi, Yangzi

2012 Qijia hot-selling ceramic tile TOP brands: Marco Polo, Smic, Dongpeng, Huida, Shuaihui

2012 Qijia Top Selling Ceiling TOP Brands: Xinfei, Handing, Aopu, Xinglibao, Mingzu

2012 Qijia Top Selling Paint TOP Brands: Ivy, Dulux, Fenlin

2012 Qijia Top Selling Sink TOP Brands: Moen, Morin, Aiken, Olin, Pomerol

2012 Qijia hot selling lamps TOP brands: Philips, Li Kemai, Qi Dan

2012 Qijia Top Selling Toilet Top Brand: Kohler, Wrigley, Anwar, Beckma, Roca

2012 Qijia Top Selling Shower Room TOP Brands: Deli Seiko, Lance, Jinshali

2012 Qijia Hot Selling TOP Brands of Indoor Doors: Star, Ace, Jinmeisen, Oupai, Jiuju

2012 Qijia hot selling balcony window TOP brands: Kaidi, Mengkai, Mingyi, Jinjian, Bright Ange

2012 Qijia Hot Water Purifier TOP Brands: Bin Chun, Hans Hill, Enmet, Aihuipu, Shenhua Water Housekeeper

2012 Qijia Top Selling Kitchen Electric Package TOP Brands: Beckma, Boss, Shuaikang, Vantage, Fangtai

2012 Qijia Hot Selling Cabinet TOP5

TOP1: [ Daxin Cabinet] Red high-gloss molded board + particle board + quartz stone + smoke machine + stove + sink

It has all the advantages of plastic products, classic and simple design, not only equipped with quartz stone countertops, but also equipped with stoves and sinks.

TOP2: [Decorative rhyme cabinet] All imported Malaysian cabinet door panel luxury damping package

The double-decorated panel wood grain combines modern and classic Xinya fashion with the HeveaBoard Ebony board cabinet from Malaysia, all of which meet the E0 environmental protection standard, providing a healthier and safe kitchen.

TOP3: [Bai Li Ai Home Cabinet] St. Mark UV Paint + Quartz Stone Countertop + EO Cabinet

The cabinets with UV-painted panels are stylish with wide metal handles, and the cabinets are more environmentally friendly. The festive Chinese red is suitable for wedding rooms.

TOP4: [Aojia cabinet] UV board + quartz stone countertop modern minimalist style

The red cabinet door panel of the UV-painted board gives a warm, unrestrained and passionate feeling. The cabinet is equipped with a frosted glass door cupboard, which is convenient for the housewife's classification and storage, and keeps the kitchen clean and tidy.

TOP5: [Micheli cabinet] crystal steel plate + vertical up and down cabinet + quartz stone countertop

The new crystal steel cabinet door has the advantages of long-lasting brilliance, no scratches, no blisters, and no damage to fire. It does not rely on chemical adhesives, and is environmentally friendly and durable.

2012 Qijia Hot Selling Floor TOP5

TOP1: [Book Fragrant Floor] Aesthetic Floor FS002 (FG) Geothermal Application

The surface of the parquet retains the natural texture of birch, and is excellent in stain resistance, wear resistance, and water resistance, so it is safe to use.

TOP2: [Hongfa Floor] Orange Board of Fragrant Erwing Bean Solid Wood Floor

It uses high-quality solid wood raw materials from South America as the base material. The texture is fine, the performance is excellent, and the price is very affordable.

TOP3: [Germany Conor] Rhein sunshine reinforced composite wood floor U cool series RSU517L

The surface of the floor adopts advanced spraying technology, which is more resistant to dirt and abrasion and has a long service life. The E0 grade base material is environmentally friendly.

TOP4: [Square Decoration Floor] Solid Wood Two-winged Bean Floor

The solid wood floor has a good foot feel, warm in winter and cool in summer, and has its own natural log texture and color, which has a more sense of quality. The base material of the dried logs is sufficient, the dryness is reduced, the floor strength is high, and the wear resistance and corrosion resistance are good. .

TOP5: [Yangtze floor] Laminated floor E0 waterproof floor YW6452

The surface adopts innovative arc molding technology to make the floor have a smooth, bright and natural pattern that is no different from solid wood floors, and at the same time has higher wear resistance, moisture resistance and stability of reinforced composite floors.

2012 Qijia Hot Selling Tile TOP5

TOP1: [Marco Polo Tiles] Porcelain Polished Tile Crystal Jade PF6018C

Marco Polo's milky white crystallized jade product has the advantages of high gloss, low water absorption, strong anti-fouling ability, high wear resistance, warm and natural pattern, soft and elegant gloss.

TOP2: [Smick tiles] Crystal glaze fragrant coffee VWK040YP

It is suitable for the fragrant coffee series used in kitchen decoration. The coffee utensils pattern tiles are interspersed in the milky white wall tiles to make the kitchen taste like coffee.

TOP3: [Dongpeng Tiles] Glazed Brick Phoenix Dance LN45803

The phoenix feather pattern on the surface is very oriental inspiration and charm, the feather details are clear and flexible, the surface of the tile is shiny and clean, and you should not miss the classic Chinese style.

TOP4: [Huida Tile] Wanxian Style Series Q03337

The light coffee background is matched with blue and yellow stripes of early tea utensil tiles, which fits the theme pattern of the kitchen, which can add fun to the space and make people feel fresh and lively.

TOP5: [Shunhui tiles] kitchen and bathroom wall tiles SAR0416

The simple and elegant white tiles can be used in any space to match harmoniously. The matching tiles have two patterns to choose from, which can be freely selected according to the different interior spaces and styles.

2012 Qijia Hot Selling Ceiling TOP5

TOP1: [Xinfei Ceiling] One Kitchen One Bathroom Fashion Classic Nano Plate + Yuba Package

Nano buckle plate has excellent oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. The package includes a full set of ceiling electrical appliances, kitchen and bathroom 8 square meters of ceiling solution, the price is affordable.

TOP2: [Handing Ceiling] Kitchen & Bathroom "Romantic Starry Sky" Carbon Fiber Heating Series Package

One kitchen, one bathroom, 8 square rolls of anti-oil stained square buckle plate + electrical package, Yuba upgraded to four-in-one carbon fiber air heating, kitchen appliances are illuminated square lights and ventilation fans.

TOP3: [Aopu Bath Top] One kitchen, one bathroom, high efficiency, dual heating, multi-control Yuba package

The waterproof pearlescent buckle plate is available in three colors. The moisture resistance and corrosion resistance are better; the electrical appliances include two square lamps, one ventilating fan and one heater and two-in-one bathroom heater.

TOP4: [Star Libao Ceiling] One Kitchen One Bathroom Deluxe Package

One kitchen and one bathroom ceiling package below 1,000 yuan, the supporting electrical appliances are all independent, which can be freely used in different spaces.

TOP5: [Famous Ceiling] Fashionable PTC Air Heating Package

The unique moire nano buckle plate, beautiful appearance and more efficient oil resistance, moisture resistance, is the first choice for creating a sense of quality kitchen space.

2012 Qijia Hot Selling Paint TOP5

TOP1: [Ivy] Second-generation gold vegetable oil clear taste anti-aldehyde wood finish (clear / white)

It contains a high percentage of film-forming solids and yellowing resistance, does not change color over time, and maintains a fresh and bright luster for a long time.

TOP2: [Dulux] The 2nd generation 5-in-1 clean taste wall paint set (with Jialian primer)

Dulux 2nd generation 5-in-1 odor-purifying wall paint is scrub-resistant, high hiding power, anti-alkali function, anti-mold function, lasting and beautiful, and adopts environmentally friendly odor-retaining formula.

TOP3: [Fenlin paint] European original ㊣ Ou Tiehua 7 degree interior wall

Solvent-free interior wall latex paint has the characteristics of ultra-low odor, super environmental protection, super breathability, etc. The super anti-fouling formula can effectively resist the natural absorption of various pollutants on the wall surface.

TOP4: [Duo Lux] Five-in-one Wall Paint Package without Adding Gold

The gold five-in-one wall paint is Dulux's star product. It combines the five functions of covering fine cracks, scrub resistance, fresh smell, long-lasting brightness, and mildew resistance.

TOP5: [Duo Lux] clear diamond clear wood paint clear primer 5KG

High-grade two-component PU paint, with clear taste formula, high hardness of the paint film, giving the most solid protection for furniture.

2012 Qijia Hot Sink TOP5

TOP1: [Moen] 304 stainless steel kitchen sink set 23605

The surface is a matte surface, the back is a condensed coating, made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, and equipped with a high-quality net lead kitchen faucet, which is suitable for most modern fashion decoration styles.

TOP2: [Mo Lin] Stainless Steel Sink Double Sink Package W-215-304

The appearance is simple and generous. The whole adopts imported SUS304 stainless steel plate, which is non-staining, anti-corrosion, and sufficient groove depth to meet the sufficient space for your washing.

TOP3: [American Aiken] Double Slot EC-32705 + Faucet FC1

Molin double-sink sink EC-32705 + 360 ° rotating faucet FC1, the golden combination allows you to get the kitchen hardware in one go.

TOP4: [Oulin] 2203 sink +8006 faucet package

With reference to the design of the Eiffel Tower, the classic sink is more fashionable. The sand surface of the basin is polished, which is not easy to get oil. The small and exquisite size is suitable for a small apartment kitchen space.

TOP5: [Premium] JS207 stainless steel sink + shower 046 + basin faucet + towel rack

Intimate kitchen and bathroom hardware packages, a full set of stainless steel materials, with a total price of more than 3,000 yuan, economical.

2012 Qijia hot selling lamps TOP5

TOP1: [Philips] Ceiling light Caixia 32W

Elegant and simple shape design, sandblasted glass cover and steel body are more durable, equipped with Philips TL5C ring tube, equipped with high-frequency electronic ballast to provide stable lighting.

TOP2: [Like Mai] 52 inch fan light five leaves 5 lights F053

The fan chandelier is very popular nowadays. The perfect combination of decoration and practicality, the price of 400 yuan has great temptation.

TOP3: [Like Mai] simple European garden resin ceiling lamp 5036-12

The artistic resin ceiling lamp is simple but classic. It is more practical and easier to clean than many fancy chandeliers. The idyllic small garland adds freshness to the space.

TOP4: [Qi Dan] LED3W ceiling spotlight is white / warm white

Spotlights can create different indoor atmospheres due to different installation methods, and the color of the lights also changes more. It is a weapon for home decoration.

TOP5: [Qi Dan] LED light with 3528 warm white light

The light strips are used as embellishments for home lighting, making the space feel more warm, the warm white light strip colors are more in line with the public aesthetics, and the high light transmittance also makes the lights look more natural.

2012 Qijia Hot Selling Toilet TOP5

TOP1: [Kohler] Ruiqi split toilet 3834T-S-0

The split toilet with the five-level cyclone green energy flushing system has stronger impulse and no water consumption. The elongated cylinder body has a simple and atmospheric appearance, and the price-performance ratio is more than 1,000 yuan.

TOP2: [Wrigley] One-piece toilet jet siphon AB1208M / LD

The shape is small and exquisite, the appearance is beautiful, the outer wall is glazed three times, the smooth and lustrous color is like jade, the inner wall is full-pipe glazing technology, no dirt or dirt, and the two-stage flush design is more intimate.

TOP3: [Anhua Sanitary Ware] All Inclusive One-Piece Toilet AB1351MD / LD

The adjustable design of the water level of the water tank is the characteristic of this product. The water consumption can be controlled by itself. With the double S-bend and double siphon type sewer pipes, the strong impulse is more water-saving.

TOP4: [Beckma] BKM-6002 Siphonic One-piece Toilet

Five-layer electroplating of water tank buttons, 3 / 6L double-gear design, durable and can reduce water consumption; integrated molding, the water tank and the seat ring connection is more beautiful without appearance; the large drain pipe and the wall of the pipe are glazed, easy to drain and not hide.

TOP5: [Roca] LC-0855 siphon toilet

The sleek and lovely shape is pleasing to the eye, grabbing the jet siphon type flushing, which is cleaner and more water-saving. The price is only 499 yuan.

2012 Qijia Hot Selling Shower Room TOP5

TOP1: Deli Seiko Shower Room-S2211

The shape of the shower room is beautiful and beautiful. The practical thick aluminum alloy profile and 8mm tempered glass can ensure your bathing safety.

TOP2: Deli Seiko Shower Room-D2201

The appearance of the corner space is used to adapt to more types of apartment, the organ-shaped rubber strip + diamond-shaped flat stone base, to achieve better sealing of the shower space.

TOP3: Lance framed sliding door shower room Mueller B42

Double sliding door arc-shaped shower room, make full use of the corner space, because it is not easy to be bumped without corners, suitable for families with elderly and children.

TOP4: Golden Sally shower room classic legend series B800P3

The double door linkage type shower room provides more access space. The core of the pulley is made of pure copper, and the sliding door has a longer life.

TOP5: The classic legendary series of Jinshali shower room B22

The arc-shaped corner shower room has always been more popular with consumers. This section also adds a non-slip massage base to enjoy the comfort of foot massage while bathing.

2012 Qijia Hot Selling Indoor Door TOP5

TOP1: [Star Suit Door] Painted door European-style oval door interior door wooden door

The bamboo and wood paint door has excellent moisture-proof performance. The surface of the door panel is treated with computer lacquer, which has a rich texture and a good hand feel.

TOP2: [Ace wooden door] KM-003 set door interior door wooden door

Paint-free door, the surface of the imported ecological film is bright, non-toxic, odorless, diverse in color, affordable, and suitable for more families.

TOP3: [Jin Meisen] Set Wooden Door Door JMS-603

Painted wooden door, outer layer reinforced panel is one-time hot-pressed, anti-scratch, wear-resistant, waterproof, surface texture close to natural wood grain, beautiful and elegant

TOP4: [European wooden door] OPM-051 interior door with solid wood composite door

The structure of the reinforced floor is used internally, which has good thermal insulation and is not easy to deform. The 40mm thick solid core structure brings excellent sound insulation effect.

TOP5: [ Jiuju wooden door] Natural solid wood paint door interior set door QY-5042

Pure natural wood veneer, natural and beautiful texture, with unique door pattern design, is the first choice for quality space.

2012 Qijia Hot Selling Balcony Window TOP5

TOP1: [Dikai doors and windows] Furama 899 high-grade airtight window single-layer sliding window

The use of high-quality tempered hollow glass, excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation effect, sliding 70mm water blocking height with drainage hole design, can better shelter from the wind and rain.

TOP2: [Dream open] Qibao 800 single glass sliding window

The aluminum alloy outer frame is widened, which can be closely adhered to the wall tiles, and the effect is more beautiful and stronger. The three colors of the profile are optional, and the indoor style can be selected.

TOP3: [Ming Yi] Hong Kong Dragon Figure 799 framed sliding window

The aluminum materials used are all provided with the brand-coded logo, the quality is guaranteed, the upper and lower rails are wide rail design, and the sliding window is installed with double pulleys, which is smooth and easy to push and pull.

TOP4: [Golden Ship] Hong Kong Shengda Qianliang 899 type 1.4mm insulating glass

The frame is made of aluminum with a thickness of 1.4mm and is durable. The sliding window uses high-quality copper core double pulleys, which moves smoothly and has a long service life.

TOP5: [Bright Ange] Child protection window / net (balcony window, sun room, glass window)

A steel wire rope formed by twisting 12 nano steel wires forms a tangible net every 5cm between the window and the special frame to protect people and objects from falling outside.

2012 Qijia Hot Water Purifier TOP5

TOP1: Water Purifier Honeywell FF06 pre-filter

The pre-filter is installed after the domestic tap water meter, which can effectively prevent dust, suspended matter, rust, sand and other unclean substances from entering the home from the source.

TOP2: German Hanshill backwash pre-filter + American 3M water purifier combination

The combination of pre-filters and water purifiers of well-known brands provides clean and direct drinking water for families.

TOP3: Germany Enmet MEC Simple pre-filter + Aihuipu BH2 water purifier combination

The pre-filter and the water purifier are matched to realize double filtration of household water, and the price is more affordable.

TOP4: Aihuipu Water Purifier / Water Purifier PBS-400

The activated carbon water purifier is installed before the household water outlet tap to provide a safe and direct drinking water source for home life.

TOP5: Fudan Shenhua water housekeeper MR001A wall-mounted single-cooled water purifier

Ultraviolet water purifier, microcomputer monitoring design, intuitive and visual status of "can drink", safe and convenient to use.

2012 Qijia Hot Kitchen Electric Package TOP5

TOP1: [Beckma] Two-piece Kitchen Appliances Range Hood B-1 + Stove XA-63 # 61

Stainless steel material, induction flameout protection device, safe and reliable, priced at 1880 yuan.

TOP2: [Boss Appliances] Two-piece kitchen appliances 8310N + 9B13N

The “T” shape design of the smoke machine is simple and stylish, with 360 ° three-dimensional spiral suction, and the air volume reaches 17 ± m3 / min. Defects that flow elegantly.

TOP3: [Shuaikang] Kitchen appliances range hood T777 + stove 98KII

The large air inlet design of the hood optimizes the path of the oil smoke to remove the oil smoke more effectively; the original plum blossom expansion burner of the stove, the energy saving effect is improved by 3% -8%.

TOP4: [Vatican] Smoke Machine E805A + Blade Fire Stove B317D

The smoke machine is equipped with Pentium intelligent three anti-click: safe, stable, and strong suction; King Kong ceramic panel stove is fresh and bright, with very low oil adhesion and easy to clean.

TOP5: [Fang Tai] Kitchen Appliances EH20QB + FZ6G

The smoke machine adopts intimate anti-collision design to avoid the trouble when the kitchen is busy; the stove panel adopts oil film brushed corrosion-resistant high-grade stainless steel panel, which is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

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