Maintenance knowledge of high and low temperature alternating humidity and humidity test box compressor (Part 2)

In the previous section, we talked about the maintenance methods of wind and water cooling, as well as some adjustments of the equipment. In this section, we also learn about the maintenance knowledge of the internal accessories of the high and low temperature alternating heat and humidity test chamber. The combination of internal and external makes the equipment more handy. :

1. Check whether the temperature of the suction and exhaust cover at the cross rail of the high and low temperature alternating humidity and humidity test box is normal with the hand feeling;

Second, check whether the cooling water temperature and flow rate are normal;

3. Check whether the compressor vibrates and the anchor screws are loose or falling off;

4. Pay attention to whether the indication values ​​of the pressure gauges at all levels, the pressure gauges on the gas storage tank and the cooler and the lubricating oil pressure gauge are within the specified range;

5. Check the supply of lubricating oil and the lubricating system of the motion mechanism (some compressors are equipped with a plexiglass baffle on the side of the crosshead rail of the fuselage, you can directly see the crosshead movement and the supply of lubricating oil); 1. The packing can be checked for oil draining with one-way logging, and the oil injection into the cylinder can be checked;

6. Pay attention to whether the temperature rise of the motor, bearing temperature, voltmeter and ammeter indicate that the current is normal, and the current must not exceed the rated current of the motor. If it exceeds, check the cause or stop the inspection;

7. Is there any abnormal noise during the motor heating process

8. Check whether the pressure regulator or load regulator, safety cutting, etc. are sensitive;

Nine, gas storage tanks, coolers, oil-water separators should often release oil and water;

10. Regularly clean the refrigeration system, especially the copper tube and bottle body. Check the Freon balance regularly.

Maintenance knowledge of high and low temperature alternating humidity and humidity test box compressor (Part 2)

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