Application field and technical index of dustproof testing machine

Application field of dust-proof testing machine: The dust-proof testing machine adopts artificial simulated sand and dust environment to test the dust-proof ability of the tested parts, which is mainly suitable for automobile parts. Test parts include car lights, steering systems, door locks, meters, electrical dust jackets, etc. With the harsh environment, there are more and more sandstorms, and natural disasters are inevitable. All we can do is to improve product quality and strengthen all kinds of defense capabilities of the product. In the process of storage, transportation or use, the sets are often affected by the sand and dust environment, especially the automotive electrical appliances are more seriously affected by the sand and dust. The dust test machine is to artificially simulate the natural sand and dust environment. The basic structure and principle performance, in addition to meeting the requirements of the national standard GBT4942.2 for protection of low-voltage electrical enclosures, can also provide non-dust-flowing dust-carrying and vertical circulation airflow, with the function of observing and recycling dust, which can be created A more ideal and realistic sand and dust test environment provides an all-weather test environment to obtain the dustproof performance of the product in a short period of time. The main technical indicators of the dustproof testing machine: 1. The nominal spacing of the metal mesh is 50um, and the nominal spacing between the lines is 70μm 2. Airflow speed: ≤2ms (standard type) or ≥2ms (specify when ordering) 3. Continuous, periodic blowing Arbitrary choice of dust setting time 4. Amount of talc powder 2kg ~ 4kgm3 5. Test dust: dry talc powder, Portland cement, smoke ash, etc. 6. Vibration time 0 ~ 9999M adjustable 7. Fan cycle time 0 ~ 9999M 8. Standard configuration: sand and dust test equipment with 2 test racks and 2kg of talc powder 9. Power requirement: AC380 (± 10%) V50HZ three-phase five-wire

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