How to properly tighten the blanket

The blanket must be tightened on the rubber roller under the proper tension. If the blanket is stretched too loosely, when the blanket is imprinted, it will be displaced under the action of squeezing force and cannot be reset in time, which will cause ghosting failure. If the blanket is stretched too tight, it will bring many disadvantages:

1. The adhesive layer is thinned and the elasticity is reduced. If the printing pressure is calculated by the thickness measured by a micrometer in the blanket's self-field state, the printing pressure may be insufficient due to the excessive thinning of the adhesive layer. The thinning of the ply layer reduces the elasticity of the blanket. Even if the center distance is reduced and the amount of compression is increased, the phenomenon of poor ink transfer may occur. If it is an air-cushion blanket, stretching it too tightly may also invalidate the micro-foam sponge layer and lose the good performance that the air-cushion blanket should have.

2. Cause uneven printing pressure. Due to the tension, the tensile force received by the blanket at different positions in the circumferential direction is uneven, resulting in the thickness reduction is uneven in the circumferential direction, resulting in uneven printing pressure. The tighter the tension, the more severe this unevenness. The unevenness of the pressure causes the unevenness of the ink transfer, which makes the solid or flat screen background color that should be uniform becomes uneven, and the color image has a hue shift.

3. Affect the synchronous rolling state. Fine fruit under the normal blanket tension and blanket thickness of the rubber cylinder, the three rollers have a good synchronous roll zone state, then under excessive tension, the rubber cylinder is synchronized with the plate cylinder and the impression cylinder The rolling ratio will rise, destroying the synchronous rolling state, slipping between the three rollers, affecting the correct transfer of the dots, and destroying the restoration of gradation and color.

4. Accelerated the creep and aging of the blanket. The tighter the stretch, the easier it is to cause conformational changes in the rubber molecules, stiffen the molecular chains, and reduce the elasticity of the rubber, affecting the printing quality of the product and shortening the life of the blanket.

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