Concepts and types of modern anti-counterfeiting ink applied to tickets

Anti-counterfeiting ink refers to a special printing ink processed by a special process by adding anti-counterfeiting materials with special properties to the ink binder. Printing inks can be divided into letterpress, gravure, screen printing, offset printing and water-based flexo printing inks according to the printing form; according to the substrate, they can be divided into iron printing inks, news inks, plastic inks, etc. The concept of "modern anti-counterfeiting ink" refers to a simple ink that can represent modern anti-counterfeiting technology and is suitable for the highest anti-counterfeiting ink requirements. It also meets new ideas such as "environmental protection, simple detection, arbitration, network transfer, and off-site monitoring".

This article will use the concept of modern anti-counterfeiting inks to explain the classification of modern anti-counterfeiting inks that are currently on the market and recently launched. The current products are long-short-wave ultraviolet fluorescent ink, infrared excited anti-counterfeiting ink, near infrared absorption anti-counterfeiting ink, daylight excited color-changing ink, heat-sensitive anti-counterfeiting ink (thermochromic ink), friction color-changing ink, humidity-sensitive color-changing ink, reactive color-changing ink, Intelligent anti-counterfeiting ink, multi-function or comprehensive anti-counterfeiting ink (laser hologram plus fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink), etc., the specific implementation is mainly in ink printing on tickets, product trademarks and packaging. The characteristics of this type of anti-counterfeiting technology are simple implementation, low cost, good concealment, bright colors, convenient inspection (even hand temperature can change the color), strong reproducibility and variety of color changes, etc. It is the first choice for anti-counterfeiting of banknotes, tickets and trademarks in various countries technology.

Anti-counterfeiting ink scheme recommended for ticket

1. Technical points of anti-counterfeiting ink used in the ticket

First-line anti-counterfeiting: public identification technology

First-line anti-counterfeiting (Public Identification Technology) refers to the technology that people can observe the anti-counterfeiting effect when the ticket is heated (hand temperature 31 ℃ or higher temperature 45 ℃), and under the sunlight, for example, temperature change anti-counterfeiting ink Anti-counterfeiting ink for sunlight discoloration.

The temperature change anti-counterfeiting technology is currently the most advanced first-line public anti-counterfeiting technology. Its identification method is simple, highly reversible, and can change up to more than 10,000 times. Usually by touching the printed anti-counterfeit graphics with hand temperature (about 31 ℃), you can see the obvious color change effect, or you can choose a higher temperature (for example, hot water cup, cigarette butt, etc.) to heat and change color.

Second-line anti-counterfeiting: general device identification

Second-line anti-counterfeiting (simple anti-counterfeiting device identification) refers to the technology that people can observe the anti-counterfeiting effect under the ultraviolet light (365nm) by using general anti-counterfeiting tools, such as fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink.

Three-line anti-counterfeiting: arbitration, management identification

Three-line anti-counterfeiting (expert arbitration recognition) refers to people irradiating the ticket with infrared light (980nm) or short-wave ultraviolet light (254nm) with the help of expert-specific anti-counterfeiting instruments or tools (for example, pen laser infrared discriminators and short-wave fluorescence discriminators) Below, you can observe the anti-counterfeiting technology, for example, infrared anti-counterfeiting ink and short-wave fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink, as well as DNA identification.

2. Design scheme of ticket anti-counterfeiting ink

Ticket printing content
Anti-counterfeit ink name
Anti-counterfeiting principle
Suitable for printing
Government Producer icon
Infrared fluorescent gold red anti-counterfeiting ink
Combination of second and third lines
offset printing
Invisible "Government Producer" text
Long and short wave fluorescent infrared anti-counterfeiting ink
Combination of second and third lines
Temperature change security label
Fluorescent infrared infrared security ink
Combination of first line, second line and third line
Daylight security label
DNA sunlight color-changing fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink
Combination of first line, second line and third line
Card serial number
DNA infrared fluorescent gold red anti-counterfeiting ink
Combination of second and third lines

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