VI-standard color and auxiliary element design

Standard color design

The standard package is a designated color used to symbolize the characteristics of the company or product. It is a color used for logos, standard fonts, and promotional media. In the overall color plan of enterprise information transmission, it has a clear visual recognition effect, and thus has the emotional charm to win in the market competition.

Enterprise standard colors are scientific, differentiated, and systematic. Therefore, to carry out any design activities and development work, it is necessary to display the color transmission function according to various characteristics. The most important thing is to formulate a set of development work procedures in order to facilitate the smooth progress of planning activities.

The determination of the standard colors of an enterprise is based on the overall factors such as the enterprise's business philosophy, organizational structure, and business strategy. The development process of standard colors can be divided into the following four stages:

1. Enterprise color survey stage

The focus of the survey is to analyze the differences between the enterprise itself and the competing companies, especially the difference in the use of color, the relationship between color and the company's business philosophy, the characteristics of the company's product color and the consumer's evaluation, the company's environment and the company's promotional color Situation to facilitate future overall operations.

2. Performance concept stage

3. Color image stage

4. Effect test stage

The standard color design is as simple and clear as possible, with the least color to express the most meaning, to achieve the purpose of accurately and quickly conveying corporate information. Its design concept should show the following characteristics:

1. The standard color design should reflect the company's business philosophy and product characteristics, select the color suitable for the company's image, and show the company's production technology and product content.

2. Highlight the differences between competing companies.

3. Standard color design should be suitable for consumer psychology.

In order to set the standard color of the enterprise, in addition to implementing comprehensive development and strengthening the application in order to obtain visual integration effects, it is also necessary to formulate strict management methods for management.

Special pattern design

The special pattern is a figurative pattern with local characteristics or commemorative meaning that symbolizes the business philosophy, product quality and service spirit of the enterprise. This pattern can be a patterned figure, animal, or plant. Choose a meaningful image. After designing, give the figurative personality to strengthen the corporate character and demand product quality.

The special pattern is also called "corporate shape". It is to create a strong memory impression through the approachable and intimate and lovely shape, to become the focus of vision, to shape the modeling symbol recognized by the enterprise, and directly show the company's management philosophy and service characteristics. For example, the "Uncle McDonald's" in front of the McDonald's store, and the grandfather in front of the KFC chicken store.

The function of corporate modeling is to understand the characteristics of products and corporate philosophy through concrete modeling. Therefore, care must be taken in selecting materials. In setting the shape, consideration must be given to religious taboos, customs and likes and dislikes. [next]

Enterprise modeling design should have the following requirements:

1. Distinctive personality: The pattern should be rich in local characteristics or commemorative. The choice of patterns is inextricably linked to the inner spirit of the enterprise, such as: Kirin beer in Japan, McDonald's in the United States, etc.

2. The image of the pattern should be intimate and attractive to achieve the purpose of transmitting information and enhancing memory.

The design of Haier's two Chinese and French children's mascots, which have a lively, friendly and lovely image, has played a great role in the promotion of Haier's product image.

Symbolic design

In the identification system, in addition to corporate logos, standard characters, corporate shapes, adaptive symbol patterns are also often used.

The symbolic pattern, also known as decorative lace, is the extension and development of visually recognized design elements. It maintains the relationship of host, guest, complement, and background with signs, standard fonts, and standard colors. It is an auxiliary symbol in the design elements, and is mainly suitable for various promotional media. Decorate the picture, strengthen the appeal of the corporate image, visual recognition design is more meaningful, more complete and recognizable.

Generally speaking, symbolic patterns have the following characteristics:

1. It can enhance the appeal of the image and make the meaning of the logo and standard font more complete and easy to identify.
2. It can increase the adaptability of design elements and make all design elements more expressive.
3. It can strengthen the visual impact, make the picture effect full of appeal, and maximize the visual induction effect.

However, not all corporate image recognition systems can develop ideal symbol patterns. Some signs and standard fonts already have the effect of the picture, and the symbolic patterns lose their positive significance. In this case, it is more ideal to use standard colors to enrich the visual image.

Generally speaking, logos and standard fonts appear in a complete form when they are applied to the design and expression of elements. This allows their patterns to overlap to ensure their clarity. The application effect of symbol patterns should be clear, not Symbolic patterns appear on all screens.

Japan ’s Mitsui Bank ’s symbolic pattern design is very successful. The entire set of patterns is derived from the logo graphics, and the application effect is stipulated accordingly. The large-area screen uses the entire set of patterns, and the small-area screen uses one The pattern of the unit. The symbolic patterns planned like this are very easy to develop and use, which is conducive to strengthening the recognition effect of visual images.

The design of the symbol pattern is designed to meet the needs of various publicity media. However, there are many types of application design projects, the forms are very different, and the size of the screen is volatile. This requires that the shape design of the symbol pattern is a flexible symbol that can follow It is different from the medium, or the size of the layout area is adjusted and changed moderately, rather than the fixed pattern.

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