Problems in printing that are easy to ignore in the process of screen printing

In the mass production process of screen printing, if a specific link is not noticed, it will bring a series of troubles to the production, and this situation will not be resolved one day, it will always trouble the production.

For screen printing, which is jointly completed by multiple people and division of labor, only the previous process is responsible for the next process, and the self-check and self-inspection of each process are carried out, and the quality is strictly controlled to produce the screen prints that are satisfactory to users. The perfect match between the screen, ink and printing is a prerequisite for a good print. The quality of the printing plate directly determines the quality of the printing quality. Printing is only a check on the quality of the plate making. However, under the premise of stable printing plate quality, the printing workers can not get the ideal printed products because of the carelessness of the printing plate. Greater waste, defective or scrap products.

Before printing in batches, the printing screen should be fixed and poured into ink for trial printing to check the level, ink color, thickness of the ink layer, specifications, registration accuracy, etc. of the graphic copy on the layout. If the registration accuracy is poor, it can be adjusted according to the fine-tuning knob on the front of the frame; if the hue of the ink is wrong, check whether the wrong ink is used and replace it immediately; if the ink is poor, use a solvent to wipe the graphic part of the plate to make the ink transparent Over performance and wettability of the substrate have been improved to some extent; if there is a big difference in the tone and level of the graphic, the printing screen should be replaced immediately. The following points must be noted during the printing process.

(1) See the rules frequently. Due to the continuous movement of the plate frame during printing, the plate and frame are subjected to collision and vibration during the round-trip operation, and a small displacement occurs between the two, and the phenomenon of inaccurate overprint occurs, which affects the appearance quality of the product. Therefore, we must diligently observe the rules, discover in time, and adjust in time.

(2) Always check the proofs. If you find that the print is short of ink, you should immediately wipe the screen with a clean cotton cloth. This situation is mostly caused by a broken plastic film sticking to the printing plate or a dry skin clogging the screen. If the ink color is uneven or becomes pale, it may be that the ink viscosity is too large. It should be stopped immediately to dilute the viscosity of the ink with a solvent, and at the same time wipe the graphic part of the layout with gasoline to prevent ink penetration or block the network, so as to facilitate continuous work.

(3) The stacking of semi-finished products should be neat. During the stacking of semi-finished products, the two sides of the paper must be hung down and stacked. Otherwise, the paper is formed into an arch shape due to its own gravity, and the two sides of the paper are upturned and not flat, which causes difficulties in paper transfer during printing, and the phenomenon of breakage often occurs. When the paper stack is uneven, it can be leveled with cardboard. At the same time, the height of the paper stack should often be adjusted with the adjustment knob of the paper separation mechanism, so that the paper transfer is smooth and the printing process goes smoothly.

(4) The blades of the drying device are damaged due to long-term use, and some places are not synchronized with the operation of the host, which often causes the printed matter on the paper holder to be disordered. At this time, you should be quick and quick, and immediately take it away from the bottom of the mess. It is best not to face the ink film to avoid sticking and causing defective products or waste products.

Therefore, only by paying attention to the links that affect the quality of printing can we print exquisite prints, improve the yield rate, reduce consumption and increase benefits, so that enterprises can be invincible in the market competition.

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