General knowledge of the technical parameters of the overall wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In the wardrobe market in China, the overall wardrobe is slowly developing. Regarding the overall wardrobe, consumers know nothing about customization and environmental protection. So what are the technical parameters of the overall wardrobe? Let's take a look now:

Technical parameter E: Environmental protection index, formaldehyde emission standard

The environmental protection index is expressed by E, which indicates the formaldehyde emission standard. The lower the E level, the more consistent with the health and environmental standards.

EO grade: perforation method ≤ 5mg / 100g dryer method 0.5mg / L

E1 grade: perforation method ≤ 4mg / 100g dryer method 1.5mg / L

E2 grade: perforation method ≤ 3mg / 100g dryer method 5mg / L

Plate: solid wood VS multi-layer sheet, PVC sheet entity sensory distinguishable

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