What are the reasons for the concept of "whole home" in furniture companies?

In the modern furniture market, you can see the words “whole home” everywhere. This is a new type of sales that some furniture companies have created in the process of selling furniture products. Why do modern furniture companies like to play the concept of overall home in the market?

1. First of all, the unsatisfactory home furnishing industry needs to seek new business strategies to revitalize its own industry development. It is a comprehensive and systematic approach to the drawbacks of materials, construction, quality, environmental protection, construction period, project cost, and decoration transparency in the past home industry. Change, continue to promote and innovate on the basis of the original products, and try to find new directions for the development of enterprises. Since many companies have started to do their whole home, a large number of companies have followed this relatively new development model.

2. Secondly, the overall home model is in line with the lifestyle of modern urbanites. The overall home service model is a reasonable home improvement project. The whole design integrates civil engineering, furniture engineering, lighting engineering, window decoration engineering and home appliance engineering. From buying building materials to home decoration design, consumers can be in a store. All of them can be solved. At the same time, customers can customize all the household items according to their own preferences, which are in line with their own space size, color and style. The overall advantage of the whole home is to fully satisfy the consumers with a comprehensive one-stop service. Increased material needs.

3. Finally, the shift in consumer perceptions has made them more and more aware of the overall home. Consumers are more rational about the purchase of furniture. The whole home provides various services such as designing home decoration, furniture and home decoration. It is the product of integrated design. The effect can make the interior layout reasonable, and the home and design styles are harmonious and unified, saving time and trouble, and making it easier to create a comfortable and satisfied. The living environment has become the first choice for more and more consumers.

It is precisely the objective and subjective reasons mentioned above that modern furniture companies like to play the concept of overall home in the sales process of products, and the creation of this new concept not only promotes the market creation of enterprise products, but also It also leads people to have a new understanding of modern living and living room decoration services, which naturally promotes the development of the home improvement industry!

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