YSL bright color pen launches innovative foundation


Every year, the world sells a YSL bright color pen. I believe that no matter whether it is a makeup or a beauty, it has a luster and concealer. It is definitely a gift to enhance the texture of the skin. Sometimes it will not be conscious. Put a few more pens on the surface of the bright color pen, use it as a liquid foundation! However, the pen-like bright color pen is absolutely not durable when the foundation is used, and the good color bright pen finally has a real foundation product, which is the newly launched LeTeintToucheEclat bright color liquid foundation.

This liquid foundation replaces the traditional opaque powder with soft focus gel, which forms a uniform spread and translucent texture on the skin surface. It can lightly fade the enamel, without masking effect, and make the skin pure and natural. At the same time, the liquid crystal essence is used to replace the traditional foundation to create the specular reflection. The liquid pigment extract extracted by the golden pigment particles is like a moisturizing sheet, which forms a reflective film on the skin surface and brightens. The shadow position highlights the facial features of the face. This time, the new product also introduces 15 different shades of dark color, even if the black skin is suitable.


LeTeintToucheEclat Brightening Liquid Foundation $400/30ml (15 colors total)

In addition, YSL's first beauty and perfume store opened in the Pacific Place in Admiralty. The new store is designed by French designers, with black and gold as the main color. The store is divided into skin care products, perfumes and cosmetics. A special area highlights the characteristics of the new store. To celebrate the opening of the new store, the new store launched the exclusive sale of the VeryYSLMakeupEssential final limit makeup set, which has seven eyeshadows, rouge, light shadow powder and lipstick, plus the royal brand of bright pens, the ladies of the beauty really have to snap up!  

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