Paper is the basis of packaging and printing

Paper is the basis for packaging and printing. Some special papers manufactured using special processes basically have security features.

1 watermark paper

In the papermaking process, marks, patterns, etc. are embedded in the paper, and the patterns formed by the special distribution of fibers can be seen only by strong light. Watermark paper is still recognized as an effective anti-counterfeiting technology by international anti-counterfeiting experts. Watermarks can be divided into black and white watermarks and fixed watermarks, non-fixed watermarks, semi-fixed watermarks, and the like.

2 colored fiber paper

In papermaking, the addition of fiber filaments or color dots to the pulp can be used to produce a paper with anti-counterfeiting effect. The fibers to be incorporated into pulp include two kinds of colored fibers and colorless fluorescent fibers.

3 wire paper

In the papermaking process, a metal wire or a plastic wire is placed in the middle of the paper as an anti-falsification printing paper, which has a remarkable anti-counterfeit effect. According to the different forms of metal wires, they can be classified into three types: window type, half-open type and non-open type.

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