Even numbered signatures

Even version of the even-numbered signature, can use the principle of taking points on the number axis (see the following figure) as a version method:

1) The first and last two yards (that is, two points on the number axis) are each shifted to the front (+) of the signature.

2) Starting from the second page number (that is, the second point on the number axis), each consecutive two yards is a group, and each group (ie, two consecutive points on the number axis) are respectively shifted to the opposite side (-) and the front of the signature. +) Until all moves have been completed, that is, the points on the number of axes are terminated.

In the “principle of division” column, the curve with an arrow jumps again indicates the progress of the simulation of the division. Which "code order decomposition" column refers to a specific example of 8 pages signature version.

Even-numbered signatures refer to 2 pages, 4 pages, 6 pages, 8 pages, 16 pages and other signatures, and include their straight and horizontal signatures as well as single and double-edition signatures and even-numbered signatures.

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